Facilities Maintenance

Contact Information:

Jim Elson
Director of Maintenance

T: (325) 659-3622
F: (325) 658-3007


The mission of the maintenance department is to provide the students, teachers, administration, and staff with a comfortable, clean, well maintained learning and working environment.

Monthly Energy Reports

View monthly reports of the district’s utility usage.

September 2015 Energy Report

September 2015 Head Start Energy Report

Department Sections

The Facilities Maintenance department provides facilities maintenance for the school district under the supervision of the Director of Maintenance.  It consists of the following five sections.

Administrative Section

The primary task of the Administrative section is to provide the necessary procedures to operate the maintenance office such as typical secretarial and clerical duties.  This section is also responsible for the operation of the maintenance work order and the district-wide computerized energy management systems, tool control, payroll; employee, key, fire extinguisher records.


The primary task of the Maintenance section is to maintain existing district owned facilities.  Additionally, the department also provides basic interior construction to include cabinets, minor renovation, and minor retrofitting.

Forward Maintenance Crew

The forward maintenance crew, which includes mechanical, electrical, carpentry, painting and plumbing expertise, comes to each school at least once a year to make the repairs that have not been emergencies but are needed to upgrade facilities and provide appropriate spaces for the educational program.  During their visits, the crews satisfy the majority of the maintenance needs that are either preventive maintenance or have not been of sufficient priority to receive immediate attention.


The primary task of the Grounds section is to provide maintenance to all grounds which are owned by the school district including playgrounds, parking lots, and playing fields.  This section also provides maintenance for all automatic and manual irrigation systems throughout the district.  This section also provides assistance to the athletic department for athletic events.   This section is also responsible for the maintenance of all small engines and tractor repairs.


The primary task of the Custodial section is to provide clean buildings for students and staff.