Safety, Security and Compliance

Mission Statement

Safety is a primary importance to this office. Each of us has the responsibility for the safety of students, staff, and ourselves as a basic concern. This objective fundamental to our wellbeing, as well as the efficient operation of our school district. The San Angelo ISD recognizes its responsibility for a safe working and educational environment.


The District Safety Office makes every effort to bring to the district the most up to date knowledge, resources, procedures, methods, training, and technology from industry experts. This office acts as a liaison between established safety and emergency agencies and committees whose primary focus is the safety of our surrounding community. Guidance and the district for review and possible implementation.

Return to School Safely

Check out the following tips to help you start the new school year off safely.

Walking to School

Bicycle Safety

School Bus Safety

Summer Safety Tips

Download these tips to help you have a fun and safe summer.

Summer Safety Tips Powerpoint Presentation

Comprehensive Safety Plan

Development of Comprehensive Safety Plan

Parents' Guide

Severe Weather Emergency Response Plan

The following guide has been developed to help school administrators and teachers design a Severe Weather Emergency Response Plan for their school. The guide provides information to serve as a starting point and a general outline of actions to take in emergency situations concerning severe weather.

Guide To Developing A Weather Emergency Response Plan

Contact Information:

AJ Turner
Safety Specialist

T: (325)947-3838 x500
F: (325)947-5184

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