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TRS-ActiveCare Plan Information

TRS-ActiveCare offers multiple plan options for employees. Please see the following documents for complete plan details.

2014-2015 Information (Effective beginning September 1, 2014)

2014 TRS-ActiveCare Benefits Booklet

2014–2015 TRS-ActiveCare Plan Highlights

2014‐2015 TRS‐ActiveCare Rates and Benefits Changes

Annual Enrollment 2014-2015 Highlights

Scott & White Plan - Summary of Benefits (English)

Scott & White Plan - Summary of Benefits (Spanish)

Scott & White Plan - Interactive link to search for a provider

Notice of Insurance Supplement 2014-2015

Benefit Plan Presentation Videos

1. Introduction
2. PPO Plan Overview
3. Prescription Drugs
4. Scott & White HMO Plan Overview
5. How to Enroll
6. Cost of Coverage

Electronic Enrollment Information

Each year there will be an annual open enrollment that provides an opportunity for employees to change plans, add/remove dependents, etc. Unless you have a qualifying event, there is no provision for making changes during the year.

SAISD is partnering with First Financial Group of America for the enrollment into TRS-ActiveCare. Enrollment will be conducted electronically (not on paper election forms). You will have the convenience of enrolling from your school computer or your personal home computer.

Instructions for Electronic Enrollment:

  1. Select the plan that best meets your needs.  If you are covering dependents (spouse or children) you will need the dependent’s birth date and social security number to enroll.  It is beneficial to have that information readily available before you enter the electronic enrollment site. 
  2. Login to Employee Access Center.
  3. On the left side of the screen select the link FFenroll.  Your login for FFenroll is your SAISD Employee ID Number or your Social Security Number.  Your PIN is the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number plus the last 2 digits of your year of birth.
  4. You will see the Welcome Screen.
  5. When in FFenroll, this screen will have your personal information. Please review the information and complete the information requested and select Next.
  6. You will be taken to another screen where you may add your dependents.  If you do not have dependents or you do not cover your dependents, select Next.
  7. On the next screen you will follow the instructions and select the plan in which you wish to enroll or decline coverage.
    1. If you are declining coverage, click on I wish to DECLINE this coverage and select Next. 
    2. To enroll in a plan, select your plan, click on the I wish to apply for this coverage at the bottom of the screen and select Next.
  8. Most employees wish to have their insurance premiums deducted prior to taxes being deducted (sheltered from taxes) and that option is automatically selected for you.  If this is your wish, you will select Next and move to the next screen. If you wish to have your premiums deducted after taxes (not sheltered from taxes), click on the down arrow and select Post Tax.  To move to the next screen, select Next.
  9. The next screen is the Benefit Confirmation and Deduction Authorization. This screen will allow you to review your payroll deduction and sign your enrollment form electronically.  Select Sign Form at the bottom of the screen.
  10. You will then see the Congratulations screen and your enrollment is complete.
  11. You will then log out of the FFenroll.

Requirements of the Affordable Care Act

As of January 1,2014, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) requires you to have health insurance for yourself and your dependents. If you do not have health insurance and you are not exempt from having insurance, you may be subject to a penalty. Enrollment in TRS ActiveCare satisfies the requirement to have health insurance. As an alternative to TRS ActiveCare, you may enroll in another health insurance program or you may enroll through the Health Insurance Marketplace. Click the link below for more information.

Notice to Employees: Requirements of the Affordable Care Act

HIPAA Privacy Rule Notice

San Angelo Independent School District is committed to protecting the privacy and security of all private health information created or received in relation to our employees and their families under our group health plans.  This Notice covers the privacy practices of the following group health plans sponsored by San Angelo Independent School District:

  • Group Health Plan
  • Health Care Reimbursement Plan

This Notice of Privacy Practices describes how protected health information may be used or disclosed by our group health plans to carry out payment, health care operations, and for other purposes that are permitted or required by law.  This Notice also sets out our legal obligations concerning your protected health information, and describes your rights to access and control your protected health information.

Download SAISD Privacy Practice Notice