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SAISD offers voluntary benefits to supplement existing employee health insurance coverage. These are offered under the Cafeteria Plan, otherwise known as Section 125 of the 1978 Federal Tax Reform Act, which allows employees to deduct the premium paid for eligible benefits from their gross earnings before federal withholding taxes are calculated and deducted.

Summary of Section 125 Cafeteria Plan

Section 125 Cafeteria Plan Benefits

Flexible Spending Accounts - Medical Reimbursement and Dependent Care Reimbursement

Flexible Spending Accounts - Summary and Q&A

Flexible Benefits Reimbursement Voucher

Long Term Disability Income Insurance

American Fidelity Benefits Summary & Premiums

Group Term Life Insurance

MetLife Group Term Life Plan Summary

MetLife Employee Rate Sheet

MetLife Dependent Rate Sheet

Permanent Life Insurance

MetLife/Texas Life Benefits Summary & Premiums

Cancer Insurance
Allstate Summary & Premiums

American Fidelity Benefits Summary & Premiums

Heart/Stroke insurance

Allstate Benefits Summary & Premiums

Dental Insurance

United Concordia Dental Benefits Summary/Rate Sheet- Low Option
United Concordia Dental Benefits Summary/Rate Sheet- High Option
In-Network Dental Providers

Vision Insurance
Eyetopia Vision - 2 plans available
Eyetopia (120/145) Summary of Benefits
Eyetopia Gold (150/250m) Summary of Benefits
To find an Eyetopia provider, go to:

Accident Only Inusrance
American Fidelity Summary of Benefits and Premiums

Critical Illness and Cancer
Humana Summary of Benefits and Rates

First Financial Group of America

First Financial Group of America is the district's third party administrator on the Section 125 Cafeteria Plan and assists the district's Human Resources staff in administering the 403b and 457 investment plans. An account manager assigned specifically to SAISD is available to assist employees with information on supplemental insurance plans and flexible spending accounts. Employees may manage their flexible spending accounts through the First Financial Group of America website and access the website for more information and forms.