Business & Support Services

Contact Information:

Dr. Jeff Bright
Assistant Superintendent of Business Support Services

T: (325) 947-3838 x767

The Business and Support Services Department includes expenditures related to the salaries and costs attributed to multiple functions related to the operation of the district. Functions include payroll, accounts payable, and the financial services department. This program includes the expenditures related to the Assistant Superintendent of Business and Support Services which is responsible for the Maintenance, Food Service, Transportation, Human Resources, Purchasing, Risk Management and Safety/Compliance departments as well as all internal and external auditing services.

Business and Support Services Departments

Construction - The Construction Department handles all construction projects for the district including projects from bond funds as well as those from other local funds.

Financial Services - Information on the District's finances including budget and budget process information.

Food Services - Functions of SAISD Food Services including information on catering, staffing and meal and snack services for students.

Maintenance - SAISD Maintenance staff is responsible for cleaning and maintaining over 2.2 million square feet of building space in facilities throughout the district.

Purchasing - The Purchasing Office establishes and administers district-wide contracts for goods and services; reviews purchase requests for compliance with state laws, board policy, and administrative regulations; issues purchase orders for equipment and services requested by schools and departments; acts as supplier liaison; and provides guidance and training related to purchasing issues.

Safety and Compliance - The District Safety Office makes every effort to bring to the district the most up to date knowledge, resources, procedures, methods, training, and technology from industry experts. This office acts as a liaison between established safety and emergency agencies and committees whose primary focus is the safety of our surrounding community.

Transportation - The Transportation Department provides transportation to SAISD students to and from school, as well as to and from extracurricular activities