Central Students' Misconduct During Homecoming Week Raises Concern for Saisd

September 21, 2005

What should be a week of Bobcat pride and fond Homecoming memories has taken a different turn for some students at Central High School. On Monday night, September 19, 2005, water balloon fights took a turn away from innocent fun when two Central students sustained injuries. One incident took place on school district property at the San Angelo Stadium parking lot, while another occurred at a location not owned by SAISD.

As a result of this misconduct, a thorough investigation is underway at Central High School.

Spokeswoman Jamie Highsmith issued the following statement from the district:

Student safety and well-being is a top concern for the district at all times. Homecoming Week safety has been a topic of discussion for the past year. Central Principal Dr. Joe Coleman issued a written plan of action several weeks ago, focusing on safety for his campus and students. Communication with students regarding Homecoming Week safety at Central High has been very direct since the first day of school on August 22. Additionally, Dr. Coleman spoke at length to parents at Open House on Sept. 19 regarding the fact that students need to follow the published Code of Conduct at all times. He told of his concerns regarding vandalism and trespassing and asked for parents' assistance in monitoring the activities of their children during the week.

The district continues to ask that parents assist in bringing a halt to those activities that not only violate the Code of Conduct but also cause harm to others. Some of the activities that are being portrayed as "tradition" are not approved by the district. The district does not condone any sort of mischief or misconduct on the part of students. The term "Hell Week" is not sanctioned by the district.

Students are urged to put aside their differences and return to the pride and excellence that is the true tradition at Central High School.