Central High School 2005 Region Choir Audition Results

October 10, 2005

The Central Choir department placed twenty-eight students in the All-Region choir at the region choir auditions held at Wichita Falls Rider High School on Saturday, October 1. This number includes 7 students from the Central Freshman Center, which is an all-time record for that age group. One alternate was also selected along with one who placed in the All-District Choir. Students who placed in the top twelve chairs in their section will compete at pre-area auditions at Cooper High School in Abilene on November 18. The Region choir will perform for the public on November 19, at 5:00 p.m. at the Hardin Simmons University. The results were as follows:

In the Soprano 1 section, 12th Chair -- Amy McCollum (So.), 10th Chair --Carly Allen (Sr.), 7th Chair -- Kady Besch (Sr.), and 3rd Chair -- Julie Ponder (Jr.).

In the Soprano 2 section, 4th alternate -- Brittney Springer (Jr.), 15th Chair -- Paloma Apodaca (Jr.), 12th Chair -- Elizabeth Wells (Fr.), 8th Chair -- Cassidy Sansone (Sr.), 6th Chair -- Katlin Wilcox (So.), and 1st Chair -- Rachel Mariano (So.).

In the Alto 1 section, 15th Chair - Michal Tegeler (Fr.), 11th Chair, Ashley Ott (So.), 6th Chair - Emily Oostveen (Sr.), 5th Chair - Andrea Maciejewski (Fr.), and 1st Chair - Katie Cole (Sr.).

In the Alto 2 section, 15th Chair -- Katie Clouser (So.), 14th Chair - Tara Casaneda (Sr.), 11th Chair - Jill Cummings (Fr.), 9th Chair - Wilma Morales (Jr.), 2nd Chair - Hannah Fish (Jr.), and 1st Chair - Emily Joynton (Sr.).

In the Tenor 1 section, 6th Chair - Larry Doyle (Sr.), 4th Chair - Logan Wright (Fr.), and 3rd Chair - Edwin Mayer (Jr.)

In the Tenor 2 section, 6th Chair - Josh Rodriguez (Sr.).

In the Bass 1 section, District Choir - Jens Clayson (Jr.), 15th Chair - Zach Schulze (Fr.), 14th Chair - Zach Sheppard (Jr.), and 4th Chair, Matt Groth (Fr.).

In the Bass 2 section, 2nd Chair - Michael Harness (Sr.).

Les Cole is the Director of Choirs at Central High School and Laylan Bratcher is the instructor at the Central Freshmen Center.