Board of Trustees Establishes Pre-Agenda Workshops

October 19, 2005

On August 1, 2005, the SAISD Board of Trustees voted unanimously to set in motion two monthly meetings, one of which is designed to be a pre-agenda workshop. The approved calendar of meetings, scheduled from October 2005 through August 2006, calls for the first meeting of each month to be held in a workshop setting.

Beginning August 2, 2005, the SAISD website,,under the drop-down heading "Board of Education," has continually provided an explanation of the new meeting provisions established byboard vote on August 1, 2005 as well as all meeting dates through August 2006. Additionally, this information is continually provided on Cox Cable Channel 4, SAISD TV. The notice for each meeting is always posted at the front entry of the SAISD Building, 1621 University, at least 72 hours prior to the start of any school board meeting -- both regular and special meetings.

At the September 12, 2005 school board meeting, an announcement was made that the October 10 board meeting would take the form of a pre-agenda workshop. That board meeting, including the announcement, aired daily on Channel 4 from September 13 through 26, for a total of fourteen possible viewings.

There are minutes of all SAISD school board meetings. Minutes of workshops include the time the meeting was called to order, the time of adjournment, and a summary of the workshop. Minutes of regular school board meetings are more detailed, indicating the makers of motions and seconds as well as the outcome of every vote. Minutes of all board meetings are available as public information.

Further information regarding this topic may be obtained from the Public Information Office at 947-3826.