19 SAISD Campuses Receive Gold Performance Awards

November 1, 2005

SAISD has received notification from the Texas Education Agency that 19 campuses have received 2005 Gold Performance Acknowledgments.

Last year, 13 campuses attained Gold Performance status; this year, six more campuses have been added to this distinguished list.

The Texas legislature enacted the Gold Performance Acknowledgment system in 2001 to recognize districts and campuses for high performance on indicators that do not affect accountability ratings. School districts across Texas and their campuses have worked hard to maintain exceptional, well-rounded instructional programs while faced with the implementation of new statewide education reforms. The Gold Performance Acknowledgment System is one way that TEA recognizes public schools for the strides they are making in numerous areas that are critical to the academic success of students.

The following SAISD elementary campuses were recognized with Gold Performance Acknowledgments: Alta Loma, Austin, Belaire, Bonham, Bowie, Bradford, Crockett, Fannin, Glenmore, Holiman, Lamar, McGill, Reagan, San Jacinto, and Santa Rita.

Our four middle schools, Edison, Lee, Lincoln, and Glenn, received Gold Performance Acknowledgments. Edison, now the Central Freshman Campus, was a junior high at the time the data for the award was gathered.

These schools will be recognized at the Nov. 21 school board meeting.

For more information, visit the Texas Education Agency website at www.tea.state.tx.us