SAISD/WTTC Students Do Well in Skills Usa Contest

April 24, 2006

SAISD and Grape Creek students enrolled in WTTC-housed Career and technology programs did extremely well in the Skills USA district competitions held on March 31-April 1. Many of these students also qualified to compete in the Skills USA Texas State championships which will be held in Fort Worth on April 27-29. This outstanding showing by the SAISD students is a direct reflection on the quality of the Career and technology programs, and underscores how important these programs are to regional workforce development. Congratulations are in order to all of the winners listed below.

Manual Drafting and Computer Aided Drafting: Chase Beasley, Brittany Stegall, Kathryn Cox, Carl Larimore, Clayton Pfluger, Daniel Sanchez

CAD Architectural Drafting and Manual Architectural Drafting: Donny Cox, Jordan Watkins, and James
Delamater. Jordan Watkins also received a Best of Show ribbon for his drafting project.

Technical Drafting Skills Contest
1st Jordan Watkins
1st Carl Larimore
2nd James Delamater
2nd Kathryn Cox
3rd Donny Cox
3rd Chase Beasley

Technical Related Math Contest
1st Daniel Sanchez

State T-Shirt Design Contest
2nd Jordan Watkins

Quiz Bowl Contest 2nd Place (Team of 5, awarded Silver Medals): Chase Beasley, Donny Cox, Kathryn Cox, Carl Larimore, Jordan Watkins.

Advanced Computer Applications:
1st Place Video Production, Cole Williams and Spencer Matthews
1st Place 3D Animation: Jennifer Perez and Hector Vega
2d Place 3D Animation: Ethan Farmer and Chris Eisenbach
3rd Place 3D Animation: Damon Anderson and Eric Henrikson
4th Place 3D Animation: Aaron Quade and Chris Hanson
1st Place 3D Animation SkillsUSA Chapter Project: Amanda Hicks

Criminal Justice: Josh Lay, 1st place in Skills and Jana Luna, 2nd in Skills and a first place blue ribbon on her project.