No-Pass, No-Play Requirements Change

September 17, 2007

In the last legislative session, Senate Bill 1517 changed the UIL No-Pass, No-Play rule. Starting in the 2007-2008 school year only English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Foreign Language classes with Pre AP, AP, or Dual Credit status will meet the criteria for No-Pass, No-Play exemption. The new law will exclude other Pre AP, AP, and Dual Credit classes.

Another change for the current year is a decision made by our local Board of Trustees. Students taking the classes on the exempt list will only be exempt in that class once. If a student fails the same Pre AP, AP, or Dual Credit class a second time, he/she will become ineligible and subject to the same rules for eligibility that other courses follow.

The following classes meet the new criteria for No-Pass, No-Play exemption. Students who fail any of these courses more than once will not be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

Language Arts
English I Pre-AP, English II Pre-AP, English III Advanced, English III AP, English IV Advanced, English IV AP, English 2323 Dual Credit, English 2325 Dual Credit

Algebra I Pre-AP (8th and 9th Grade), Geometry Pre-AP, Algebra II Pre-AP, Pre-Calculus Pre-AP, Calculus AB-AP, Calculus 2331 Dual Credit, Calculus 2332 Dual Credit

IPC Pre-AP, Biology Pre-AP, Chemistry Pre-AP, Biology II AP, Chemistry II AP, Physics Advanced, Physics B-AP, Biology 1410 Dual Credit, Biology 1411 Dual Credit, Chemistry 1411 Dual Credit, Chemistry 1412 Dual Credit

Social Studies
World Geography Pre-AP, World History Pre-AP, US History Advanced, US History AP, Govt/Eco Advanced, Govt/Eco AP, Geography 2301 Dual Credit, History 1301 Dual Credit, History 1302 Dual Credit, Economics 2301 Dual Credit, Economics 2302 Dual Credit, Government 2301 Dual Credit, Government 2302 Dual Credit

Foreign Languages
French III AP, French IV AP, Latin III AP, Spanish III AP, Spanish IV AP, Spanish 1301 Dual Credit, Spanish 1302 Dual Credit, French 1301 Dual Credit, French 1302 Dual Credit, German 1301 Dual Credit, German 1302 Dual Credit, Russian 1301 Dual Credit, Russian 1302 Dual Credit

The following classes are now excluded from the No-Pass, No-Play exemption. Any student who fails any of these classes one time will not be eligible to participate in extracurricular activities.

Debate III Advanced, Journalism 2321 Dual Credit, Communications 1351 Dual Credit

Fine Arts
Drawing AP, Art 2-D Design Portfolio AP, Art 1301 Dual Credit

Technology Applications
Computer Science II AP, Computer Science 1331 Dual Credit, Computer Science 2301 Dual Credit, BCIS 1305 Dual Credit

For more information about the changes in No-Pass, No-Play, contact any coach or co-extra-curricular sponsor.
Central High School, 325-659-3400
Lake View High School, 325-659-3500