Central High School Places 26 in Region Choir

October 15, 2007

The Central Choir department placed 26 out of 31 students who auditioned at the region choir auditions held at Midland High School on Saturday, October 6. Students who placed in the top ten chairs in their section will compete at pre-area auditions at Odessa High School on November 12. The region choir will perform for the public on November 2, at 5:00 p.m. at the Midland Lee High School. The individual results were as follows:

Soprano 1 section, 5th chair, Emily Ehlers (Sr.); 7th chair, Sarah Caroline Billings (So.); 9th chair, Elizabeth Wells (Jr.); 18th chair, Emily Walters (So.); and 20th chair, Kayla Ponder (So.)

Soprano 2 section, 1st chair, Rachel Mariano (Sr.); 2nd chair, Katlin Wilcox (Sr.); 8th chair, Mary Lewis (So.); and second alternate, Sheena Gibbons (Fr.)

Alto 1 section, 1st chair, Andrea Maciejewski (So.); 11th chair, Ashley Ott (Sr.); and 13th chair, Marissa Saulnier(So.)

Alto 2 section, 5th chair, Claire Bryan (So); 6th chair, Michal Tegeler (Jr); 9th chair, Katie Clouser (Sr.); 14th chair, Jill Cummings (Jr.); 15th chair, Shawna Ralph (Sr.); 16th chair, Genna Duncan (So), and 20th chair, Elisa Gonzales (Sr.)

Tenor 1 section, 12th chair, Adrian Chapa (So.); 13th chair, Alek Alba (So.); and 14th chair, Cesar Trejo (Sr.)

Tenor 2 section, 2nd chair, Logan Wright (Jr.); and 6th chair, Zach Schulze (Jr.)

Bass 1 section, 8th chair, Matt Groth (Jr)

Bass 2 section, 1st chair, Doug Yassen (Sr.); and 3rd chair, Kalani Aquino (So.)