Middle School Students Selected for All-City Orchestra

November 1, 2007

The Following students were selected for the Middle School All-City Orchestra:

From Lee Middle School:
First Violins: Maura Ballard - First Chair First Violin, Hayden Harris, Alex Sanchez, Asa Jones, Josh DeLosSantos
Second Violins: Sebestien Forbes - First Chair Second Violin, Clarissa Martinez, Kyle Sharp, Farrah Schalek, Amy Jaques, September Henderson, Claudia Romo, Katie Quindry, Marissa Bowie
Violas: Adrian Robles, Leigha Green, Tara Bruton, Chase Whitcomb, C'Era Baines
Cellos: Mikel Webb - First Chair Cello, Katherine Lauer, Natalie Nehls, Cameron O'Briant, Chris Durst, Jennifer Langley, Kelcey Power
Basses: Roger Henson - First Chair Bass, Colton Gill

From Glenn Middle School:
First Violins: Emily Grover, Amy Gryder, Kellen Irby
Second Violin: Holly Gonzalez
Viola: Tanner Stevens - First Chair Viola
Bass: Duncan Fischer

From Lincoln Middle School:
Second Violins: Dre Rogers, Andrea Valdez
Viola: Andrew Bradley

These students auditioned on October 9th and participated in a Clinic/Concert October 19th and 20th.