Central Choir Students Excel at State Solo Contest

June 2, 2008

The Central Choir Department completed another dominant showing at the Texas State Solo and Ensemble Contest in Austin over Memorial Day weekend (Saturday, May 24). In solo competition, a school record 24 students out of 25 contestants received medals, including 15 superiors and 9 excellent ratings. Gold medals were awarded for superior ratings to Alek Alba, Adrian Chapa, Katie Clouser, Emily Ehlers, Elisa Gonzales, Matt Groth, Mary Lewis, Rachel Mariano, Luke Perkins, Kayla Ponder, Shane Sadler, Michel Tegeler, Cesar Trejo, Logan Wright, and Doug Yassen. Silver medals were awarded for excellent ratings to the following students: Sarah Caroline Billings, Claire Bryan, Ivan Cisneros, Andrea Maciejewski, Amy McCollum, Zach Schulze, Tori Trowbridge, and Katlin Wilcox. Sheena Gibbons, from the Central Freshman Campus, received an excellent rating on a piano solo.

In small ensemble competition, superior ratings (bronze medals) were awarded to seniors Katie Clouser, Emily Ehlers, Rachel Mariano, and Katlin Wilcox on the French quartet, "Il est bel et bon". Excellent ratings on girls' ensembles were awarded to Jill Cummings, Andrea Maciejewski, Michal Tegeler, and Tori Trowbridge on a girls' quartet. Matt Groth, Jessica Martinez, Amy McCollum, Ashley Ott, Aubrey Sloan, Cesar Trejo, Logan Wright, and Doug Yassen received an excellent rating in mixed madrigal competition, as well as Alek Alba, Adrian Chapa, Allison DeLaCruz, Kasey Dugger, Elisa Gonzalez, Shane Sadler, Zach Schulze, and Ellen Wehner.

The soloists were accompanied by Lani Schmidt and Wade Bray. Les Cole is the choir director at Central High School.