San Angelo ISD Benefits from Plano WADA Money

July 2, 2008

San Angelo ISD has reaped the benefits of a contract with Plano ISD.

"Plano is a property rich school district and must reduce its wealth by either sending excess money directly to the state or contracting with property poor districts (like San Angelo) to purchase "attendance credits" and send their money directly to us, " stated SAISD Assistant Superintendent Jeff Bright. Plano's cost per Weighted Average Daily Attendance, or "WADA," was greater than the amount of money the state would have paid San Angelo for our "WADA"; therefore, SAISD benefits through the gain realized in the difference between the two amounts. That gain has resulted in over five million extra dollars for San Angelo ISD over a three year period. The gain is limited to certain areas of expenditure, including technology, which is what SAISD selected.

During the spring semester, the SAISD Technology Department personnel and campus principals worked together to determine the technology needs of each campus. Principals then submitted their requests for approval.

The key items purchased include:

New computers for 12 computer labs across the district

  • Laptop computers for every teacher at Central HS and Lake View HS to promote technology integration
  • Equipment and furniture to setup the PAYS alternative school
  • Installation of several Teacher Presentation Setups in classrooms, which includes a laptop computer with a docking station for the teacher, a projector, and a document camera

The implementation of WADA money has two far-reaching goals: to promote technology integration throughout the district, and to prepare SAISD students to have the skills needed upon graduation from high school, so that they are prepared for college in addition to possessing the skills to compete in the global marketplace.