Traffic Flow to Change on Milburn Way

November 3, 2008

Beginning Monday November 10th, the traffic pattern in the Glenn Middle School south parking lot will change. Due to a growing traffic problem, SAISD administration has developed new routes that will increase the safety of pick-up and drop-off for all students utilizing this area.

Milburn Way, the private drive located between Glenn and the San Angelo Stadium, is owned and maintained by SAISD. Currently, traffic flows from west to east the entire length of Milburn Way. Permanent gates on Milburn Way will stop the flow of traffic from the Northwest corner of the Glenn tennis courts to the stadium's northeast ticket booth. Milburn Way will remain one-way west to east between Jackson Street and the northwest corner of the Glenn tennis courts to accommodate exit from the West Texas Rehabilitation Center parking lots. The only entrance to the south Glenn parking lot (behind the school) will be from the east stadium parking lot, with traffic flowing one way from east to west. Milburn Way will become one way (east to west) from the northeast ticket booth to the west stadium parking lot. Appropriate signage will be posted.

This change should alleviate many of the current traffic problems and provide greater safety for students as well as vehicles passing through the area.

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