Bond Progress Report - 3/13/2009

March 13, 2009

Santa Rita Project:

We sent the Santa Rita project out to bid on March 12. Included in the plan is an extensive remodel of the main building with an alternate to do work in the cafeteria. Our anticipated budget for the construction portion of this project is about $2,400,000. We will open the bids on April 2 and will have our first indication on how the construction costs will be for the first few projects. We will have our bond sign in front of Santa Rita in the next few days. Please go by if you have a chance and see what you think.

Holiman Project:

We have opened our proposal for Construction Manager at Risk (CMAR) for Holiman. We are in the process of scoring the five respondents and will interview the top three next week. We will make a recommendation to the School Board on March 30 so we can get them on the job with Gary Donaldson.


We will prepare the CMAR proposal for Lee in the next week and plan on putting the proposal on the street after Spring Break (March 16-20). We are anticipating approval of the CMAR for this project in May.