Students Collaborate on Novella

June 9, 2009

For the second year, Miriam Hickey's English IV-Dual Credit/Advanced Placement students have had the opportunity to collaborate in the writing of a youth novella. Eleven schools, representing different demographics from across the state of Texas, were invited to participate in this year's project.

In August, the participating students of the chosen schools cooperatively decided the plot, setting, conflict, and main characters of the novella. Throughout the school year, the novella was written in "round-robin" form: the first chapter was written by one of the schools, and when that chapter was complete and edited, it was sent to the next school, who then completed its chapter. Lake View students had the privilege of writing the 10th, and next to last, chapter of this novella.

Author Mike Kearby developed the writing concept last year and invited Lake View students to participate. The first novel, A Brother's Sin, was published in 2008.

This year's novella, entitled Broken Promises, has been published. During a reception in the Lake View library on May 8, each of the participating students received his or her own copy of the book.

Student writers include Kelsey Anderson, John David Baker, Sierra Bates, Zach Cook, Courtney Douglas, Jessica Flint, Mindy Flores, Michael Foreman,Shannon Frazier, Angel Garcia, Kasey Lane, Aaron Lozano, Blake McCracken,Lupita Moreno, Mackenzie Mullins, Morgan Owen, Maria Renteria, Seth Riddle, Isa Sanchez, Jonathan Shouse, Jace Stovall, Taylor Thetford, Kresta Thomas, and Mickeala Uranga.

A copy of the novella has been placed in the Lake View library.