11 SAISD Schools Rated Exemplary

July 21, 2009

San Angelo ISD has received accountability ratings for 2009 from the Texas Education Agency. Eleven elementary campuses have received a rating of Exemplary, which is the highest of four possible ratings. These schools include Alta Loma, Austin, Belaire, Bonham, Bowie, Crockett, Glenmore, Goliad, Holiman, McGill, and Santa Rita. Seven schools have received a rating of Recognized, the second highest rating. Those schools include Bradford Elementary, Fannin Elementary, Fort Concho Elementary, Lamar Elementary, Reagan Elementary, San Jacinto Elementary, and Central Freshman Campus. This marks the first year that all SAISD elementary schools have received ratings of either Exemplary or Recognized and the first year for a secondary school in the district to attain a Recognized rating. The remaining middle and high schools have received an Academically Acceptable rating. The district did not have any Academically Unacceptable schools.

Accountability ratings are based on TAKS test scores as well as dropout and completion rates. To earn an Exemplary rating, all student groups on a campus had 90% or more of their students pass every subject of the TAKS test. To achieve a Recognized rating, 75% of all student groups had to pass all parts of TAKS. To be Academically Acceptable, a campus must meet the following criteria: 70% of students must pass TAKS Reading/English language arts; 70% must pass TAKS writing and social studies; 55% must pass TAKS math; and 50% must pass TAKS science. The TAKS requirements for Academically Acceptable increased for writing, social studies, mathematics, and science by five points each over last year's standards.

SAISD maintained an overall district rating of Academically Acceptable.