Bond Progress Report - 10/12/2009

October 12, 2009

Santa Rita Project:

We have moved into the offices. They look great and we are working on the punch list as we continue to work on the next phase. Phase 1B is moving along ahead of schedule. We hope to get the teachers moved back into the north end and the abatement crews back in place around December 1 so we can get to Phase 2 ahead of schedule. Phase 3 is scheduled to begin mid March with completion in June. Phase 4 is the renovations to the cafeteria and they will take place during the summer of 2010.

Holiman Project:

We have accepted the guaranteed maximum price for Holiman at slightly over $6,000,000. We approved a change order for a little over $300,000 to add two additional classrooms. This is still about $14,000 less than our budget. The construction fencing is in place and contractors have started dirt work. Completion of the new wing is scheduled for July, 2010. The rain and the delay caused by re-routing phone and gas lines may impact this completion date. Summer of 2010 we hope to begin demolition of the old cafeteria and middle wing and start the renovation on the two existing wings that will remain.

Lee Project:

Templeton Construction has opened the bids for Lee. After the first look at the pricing, we are well within our budget for the project even after we accept all 9 alternates. Templeton will begin relocation of the electrical transformer for the campus and replace it with the new service over the next 30 days. We anticipate starting construction of the new wing by December 1, 2009. Asbestos abatement will also begin under the building the first of November.

Goliad Project:

We continue to work on finalizing the plans for the campus. I am anticipating bids going out from Mid-Tex the first of November and hope to approve the price in December with construction beginning around the first of January, 2010. It will take about 12 months for the new construction and then another 12 months to complete the demolition and renovation of the existing space.

San Jacinto Project:

We continue to work on these plans and hope to have the finished product ready for prospective bidders the middle of November. Construction should start on San Jacinto in January of 2010 with the new wing. We are trying to schedule some of the renovation work for the summer of 2010 to minimize disruptions to the campus.

Central Project:

Lee Lewis Construction has been approved as the Construction Manager At Risk for Central and we have had several meetings with them. They have given us a preliminary estimate for the project that will be well within our budget. I have had several meetings with architects and the staff at Central. We have reviewed the current plans and have looked at modifications suggested by the campus staff. I anticipate the GMax Pricing in March 2010 with construction starting in June 2010. These dates will be refined as we get further into the project. There will be multiple phases for this project and some of the smaller additions may be bid in the next 6 months.

Glenmore Project:

Glenmore was experiencing some difficulties with handicap accessibility due to some safety concerns on the campus. As a result, we made modifications to the front entrance to provide an accessible route to the front of the school. Craig Kinney developed plans for the new entrance to the school and it turned out great. We still have one connecting sidewalk to add and the project will be complete. This new design will be expanded as we move to the Glenmore project.