Bond Progress Report - 2/8/2010

February 8, 2010

Santa Rita Project:

Phase 2 is moving along on schedule. The contractor has completed the demolition work and has started reinforcing joists, duct work and roof work. We are working on the layout for the two computer labs in Phase 2 and should have that ready to go next week. We are getting pricing at this time to carry the same look to the back building and will wait and see what the cost will be to put in new flooring and wall panels in that wing.

Holiman Project:

The slab for the cafeteria and kitchen has been poured and the rough-in for plumbing and electrical for the entire new wing is nearing completion. Grade beams have been started in the first section of classrooms south of the cafeteria and the slab should be poured in the next month. We have lost several weeks on this project due to weather and will work to make up as much time as possible. At this time, we are anticipating the new wing to open in September instead of August.

Lee Project:

Dirt work is complete at the new classroom building and is continuing on the band hall and weight room. We had to re-route a water line to the portable buildings that is inside the pad for the band hall and weight room. We are working to extend the weight room by about 10 feet in order to get a public restroom for the small gym in the corner near the tennis courts. The concrete company is on site and will begin preparing the classroom wing for concrete work during February.

Goliad Project:

Dirt work has started at Goliad. The new building excavation is almost complete. The pad for the new play slab is being prepared and should be ready for concrete in the next month. The building permit has been approved so the utility work can begin this month.

San Jacinto Project:

Plans are out for bid and will be opened March 3, 2010. We moved this bid back a few weeks to allow bidders more time between the Central bid and this one. Our budget for the project is $6,000,000.

Central Project:

We have approved the Phase 1 price for the West Texas Training Center addition of this project. This will allow us to move three programs off of the Central campus and open them to Lake View students as well. The price is $2,582,000. This is line with our budget estimate and includes a classroom/lab for Howard College. They will be paying back the cost to construct their space. Phase 2 of the project is out for pricing at this time and will open February 23, 2010. We will approve the GMP on March 8. This phase is to construct the new office/science lab/classroom wing and the ag/building maintenance shop and air condition the gyms. Phase 3 is still being refined and should be ready to bid early summer.

Crockett Project:

We are well into the design phase for this project. We issued a Request For Proposal on the Construction Manager At-Risk for Crockett and received 9 responses. Templeton Construction has been approved as the construction manager at risk for this project. GMP for this project should be ready for approval in May with construction to begin in July. We will be adding 12 new classrooms, a computer lab, and a new library as well as remodeling the older areas.

Glenmore Project:

Kinney Franke Architects has begun preliminary work on Glenmore. We are studying the possibility of building a new classroom wing and new cafeteria as compared to the cost of remodeling (due to the extent of remodeling needed). I have issued a Request for Proposal for the construction manager at risk and will make an award in March. I am anticipating a GMP for Glenmore in June with construction to begin August/September.