Bond Progress Report - 3/11/2010

March 11, 2010

Santa Rita Project:

Phase 2 is on schedule and we will move teachers into these classrooms tomorrow. We are finalizing the layout for the two computer labs in Phase 2 and they will be completed in the next few weeks. Phase 3 asbestos abatement will begin Monday, March 15 and should be almost complete by the end of Spring Break. I am asking the Board to approve a $300,000 change order to carry the same look to the back building, to correct drainage issues and add other improvements to the campus. This change is made possible through the good work of the design staff and contractor saving us money. Even with the change, we are still about $40,000 under budget.

Holiman Project:

The second section of slab has been poured. Grade beams have been started in the final section of the new building. Steel should start being erected in the next week in the cafeteria and first classroom section.

Lee Project:

Grade beams are complete and interior footings are being poured today for the new classroom wing. The slab is scheduled to be poured around the 15th. The pads are complete for the new band hall and weight room and grade beams should begin in these areas as soon as the slab is poured for the classroom wing. The metal building (band hall) and steel will be arriving in the next two weeks.

Goliad Project:

Wet weather has caused a lot of delays at Goliad. Excavation is complete but the weather has not allowed for the pad to be prepared. Work is taking place on re-routing sewer and water lines and pad preparation should progress if the weather stays dry.

San Jacinto Project:

We opened the bid for San Jacinto last week and will be able to bring this project in under the budget of $6,000,000. We are still evaluating the bids and plan on awarding a contract at the March Board meeting. We had 9 contractors submit bids for this project. I anticipate a starting date of around May 1.

Central Project:

Phase 2 of Central was approved last night with a price of $21,600,476.00. We will begin on this phase as soon as school is out. Asbestos abatement at Emerson Hall will occur first followed by demolition of the building. Construction should begin on the ag/building maintenance building in early summer and on the new science/administration building in late summer. We are still under our estimated budget for the project.

Crockett Project:

We are well into the design phase for this project. Templeton Construction has been approved as the construction manager at risk for this project. GMP for this project should be ready for approval in May/June with construction to begin in July/August. We will be adding 12 new classrooms, a computer lab, and a new library as well as remodeling the older areas.

Glenmore Project:

Kinney Franke Architects has begun preliminary work on Glenmore. I am recommending MidTex of Midland as the construction manager on the project and that should be approved in the March Board Meeting. We are studying the possibility of building a new classroom wing and new cafeteria as compared to the cost of remodeling due to the extent of remodeling needed. At this point the figures look about the same and we would prefer to have new if possible. As soon as MidTex gets on board we will have them look at the figures we have for the project.