Bond Progress Report - 6/11/2010

June 11, 2010

Santa Rita Project:

Phase 3 should be completed the second week in June. The demolition of carpet, wall covering, and floor tile is underway in the back building and work is scheduled to be completed the first of August. Cafeteria work will begin in the next week with a scheduled completion date of the first of August. Landscaping and the remainder of the drainage and concrete work will be completed in July. We are about 90% complete on this project.

Holiman Project:

Steel erection is continuing at Holiman and has moved into the final classroom area. Metal studs have been erected from the cafeteria/kitchen through the office wing. The library pad is complete and construction of the addition to the library will begin in the next week. We are about 40% complete on this project.

Lee Project:

Structural steel is complete at the new wing and block work is progressing quickly. Electrical conduit is almost complete in this building. The steel erection for the band hall is almost complete and the concrete for the mezzanine will be poured this week. The walls and roof for the metal building should start going up in the next week. We anticipate having the band hall ready for use by mid August. The grade beams have been poured and the pad will follow soon.

Goliad Project:

The play slab has been poured and is being used. The pad is complete and pier holes have begun. This project has been the most delayed due to weather and we hope to begin making up time with good weather.

San Jacinto Project:

Templeton Construction has started the ground work for the new addition. We are waiting for a permit that should come June 8 so we can continue the new construction. Rerouting of utilities is underway to prepare for a new chiller.

Central Project:

Construction is starting to move ahead rapidly at Central. The Ag/Building Maintenance shops have the pad and grade beams in and underground utilities are almost complete. Slab should be poured in the next two weeks with steel erection for the new building being completed by the end of June. We plan on opening these shops when school starts. WTTC shops are well underway with steel erection and exterior building complete. Block interior walls are complete on the east end and should move to the other two classrooms next week. By the end of this month, all walls should be in place and finish work should begin on the interior and paving should start on the exterior. These shops will be ready when school starts. Emerson Hall on the campus is being abated this week. About June 15 demolition will begin and by July 1 the contractor will begin construction on the new 72,000 sq. ft classroom/office addition. The utilities are being rerouted and parking lot and drainage issues will be addressed starting this month.

Crockett Project SB08-07:

We continue to finalize the design phase of this project and will have it ready to bid at the end of June or first of July. Construction fencing will be in place before school starts and actual work should begin in September.

Glenmore Project:

Kinney Franke Architects has begun preliminary work on Glenmore. MidTex of Midland is the construction manager on the project and is reviewing cost estimates to assist us in determining whether to renovate or build new on the site. We have decided to build 9 new classrooms and a new cafeteria and library addition instead of the remodel. We believe the cost will be close and will be under our projected budget.

Reagan Project:

Gregonis Design Groups is the architect. We have started working with the campus administration to determine what is needed and have started the design phase of the project. I will recommend a construction manager at the June Board meeting.