SAISD Celebrates Highest Test Scores in the District's History

August 4, 2010

The Texas Education Agency has released the official accountability ratings for districts, indicating that twenty-one of SAISD's twenty-three rated schools have earned the Exemplary or Recognized rating. Central and Lake View High Schools remained Academically Acceptable. Last year, eighteen campuses were either Exemplary or Recognized. For the first time, all three middle school campuses have now achieved Recognized status.

The ratings go from a low of Academically Unacceptable to Academically Acceptable, Recognized, and the highest rating of Exemplary. The district's rating of Academically Acceptable remained unchanged from last year. The accountability rating is based on a combination of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills scores and the graduation completion rate.

In order for Central High School and Lake View High School to go from Academically Acceptable to Recognized, 85 percent of the freshman class of 2005 had to graduate in four years and pass the Exit TAKS. Central's overall completion rate was 87.5 percent; however, the completion rate for Hispanic students was 80.9 percent and the rate for economically disadvantaged students was 82 percent. At Lake View, the overall completion rate was 80.5 percent, with a 77.7 percent completion rate for Hispanic students and 77.4 percent for economically disadvantaged students. In order for SAISD to earn the Recognized rating, a district-wide completion rate of 85 percent had to be reached. The district-wide completion rate was 84.4 percent.

Exemplary campuses include: Alta Loma Elementary, Austin Elementary, Bonham Elementary, Bowie Elementary, Crockett Elementary, Glenmore Elementary, Goliad Elementary, Holiman Elementary, McGill Elementary, and Santa Rita Elementary

Recognized campuses include: Belaire Elementary, Bradford Elementary, Fannin Elementary, Fort Concho Elementary, Lamar Elementary, Reagan Elementary, San Jacinto Elementary, Glenn Middle School, Lee Middle School, Lincoln Middle School, and Central Freshman Campus.

Acceptable: Central High School and Lake View High School.