San Angelo Stadium Field House Update

September 22, 2010

The San Angelo Stadium Field House project is nearing completion. The facility, shared by Lake View and Central athletes, has been in use since the beginning of football season. The interior, now 99% finished, is scheduled for completion October 11, 2010.

Work on the exterior is expected to be 99% complete within the next three weeks. The only remaining work to be done at that time will be the stucco soffit under the exposed overhangs. Due to extensive scaffolding requirements, the stucco work will not continue until after football season.

The newly constructed concession and restroom building on the northwest corner of the stadium is scheduled for completion November 1, 2010. This building will provide a fully handicapped-accessible restroom facility for the stadium.

The process of completing the paver garden with engraved brick pavers should be completed by October 8. The district will submit another engraved paver order on October 1, 2010, in the event that any citizens are interested in purchasing a paver. For more information, contact the Public Information Office at 947-3838, ext. 524.