Bond Progress Report - 1/11/2011

January 11, 2011

Santa Rita Project:

This project is complete.

Holiman Project:

The new building is complete except for some punch list items and things that have come to the surface since we have occupied the space. We moved all the teachers into their new rooms during the Christmas break and classes began in the new building on January 4th. The contractor has started demo work on the old wings and abatement is complete except for windows. We will be reviewing some options for a change order to do some work on the middle wing and old cafeteria.

Lee Project:

We moved about 50 teachers, offices, and other spaces at Lee during the Christmas break. The new building is occupied and classes started January 4th. The library furniture arrived last week and is in place. We will start moving the existing books and furniture this week and hope to have the new library up and running by January 21st. Abatement will begin on the second floor this week and construction will follow. We anticipate the second floor being complete in the summer so we can move them back in and begin the first floor.

Goliad Project:

Steel erection is complete and framing and steel studs have begun. About half of the new building is closed in. All concrete slab work is complete and roofing will begin soon.

San Jacinto Project:

New classrooms at San Jacinto are complete and we moved into them during the Christmas Break. Demolition work has started on the south six classrooms on the second floor of the main building. Clean up and outside work will continue as needed on this project.

Central Project:

Ag and building maintenance shops are complete and occupied.

Morse Demolition is should be completed by the end of January. The structure is down and they are in the process of excavating the basement area and preparing it for back fill.

Admin/classroom wing: We have completed about 95% of the steel erection. About 70% of the concrete slab has been poured. Roof decking is about 70% complete and the block walls are coming along on both floors. The steel stud walls are moving along on the inside and classrooms are taking shape. This building is rapidly changing and I am starting to see classrooms emerge.

Crockett Project:

The pad and pier holes have been completed. Carton forms and underground plumbing are moving along quickly. Grade beams are being formed. Underground utilities are nearing completion. This will continue for another month with most of the work coming up from the ground.

Glenmore Project:

Since the bid for this project came in over budget, we have been working to review the scope and get back to the original recommendations. At this time it look like we will still be able to add several new classrooms, demo several of the oldest buildings and do some renovations to the administrative wing. We will not be able to do a new cafeteria. We are looking at a way to relocate the library that would add some space and free some areas in the administrative wing for better use.

Bradford Project:

We have started the initial discussions with the staff on Bradford. Gary Donaldson is the architect and Lee Lewis Construction has been selected as the construction manager at-risk.

Reagan Project:

Gregonis Design Groups is the architect. MidTex has been selected as the construction manager for this project. We have started our discussion with the principal and are in the early design phase of the project. We are aiming for a GMP on this project by mid February.