Bond Progress Report - 2/14/2011

February 14, 2011

Santa Rita Project:

This project is complete.

Holiman Project:

The new building is complete except for some punch list items. The demolition is complete on most of the renovation sections. The new hallways are framed and beginning to take shape. Abatement will begin on the windows next week followed by the new exterior walls and windows. Work will continue on renovation for the next several months. Our estimated completion will be mid-June.

Lee Project:

The new building is occupied and classes started January 4th. The library is in operation. Abatement is underway on the second floor and should be complete in the next few weeks. Construction cannot begin upstairs until abatement is complete. The weight room is nearing completion.

Goliad Project:

Exterior framing is complete and the Tyvex is being installed for brick work to begin. Brick is on site and was delayed due to weather this week. Interios studs are almost complete. Roofing is finished to the main entrance and drywall has begun in the cafeteria and kitchen area. We are looking for completion of this building around July 1. It will be operational by the time school starts next fall.

San Jacinto Project:

Demolition work on the south six classrooms on the second floor of the main building is almost complete. Electrical work has begun as well as the ductwork for the new heating/cooling system. Some exterior work continues around the site to clean up and complete parking and sidewalk areas. The first phase of renovation should be completed by May 1 and we will begin our move-in at that time.

Central Project:

Ag and building maintenance shops are complete and occupied.

Morse Demolition is complete and back fill for the basement area is ongoing.

Admin/classroom wing: All of the steel erection is complete except for some exterior work that has to wait until Morse backfill is completed. The slab is complete and stairwells have been installed. Block is continuing inside and out. Brickwork will begin in the next two weeks. Electrical continues inside as well as metal studs. Roofing is about 50% complete and drywall has started. The building continues to change weekly.

Phase 3 Renovations: I will be presenting the pricing for Phase 3 to the Board this month. Again, we received a very favorable bid and it looks like we will be able to take all of the alternates. At this time we will hold the roofing alternate until later in the project. I am pleased with this bid and we should be able to begin Phase 3 in April or May.

Crockett Project:

Red iron steel erection is almost complete. Slab will be formed next week and concrete pours will begin in two weeks.

Glenmore Project:

We are still working on defining a new scope for Glenmore. We believe we are ready to send the new plan back to the architect and construction manager and hope to be able to get a new bid on the street by the end of the school year.

Bradford Project:

We have started the initial discussions with the staff on Bradford. Gary Donaldson is the architect and Lee Lewis Construction has been selected as the construction manager at-risk. We hope to have this project ready to bid in May.

Reagan Project:

We have completed out design work and the plans are in the final stages. I am anticipating a price on the project around the first of April. Construction is set to begin in June.