Bond Progress Report - 4/5/2011

April 5, 2011

Santa Rita Project:

This project is complete.

Holiman Project:

The new building is complete except for some punch list items. The north and south wings are in the final stages of painting and millwork installation. Flooring and final HVAC work will be completed in the next 60 days. The restroom renovation in the old center wing is finally moving forward after permit delays due to some misunderstanding of what was actually being renovated. We should be able to complete this project by the middle of June.

Lee Project:

The weight room is nearing completion and is being used by students. Dirt work continues on the north end to create the drainage swales needed to move water away from the buildings. The second floor has been abated and most of the demolition is complete. Metal studs are being added to classrooms and electrical rough-in is almost complete. Work is progressing and we anticipate moving back into the second floor before school starts in August.

Goliad Project:

Construction at Goliad is moving along great. All roofing is installed. Drywall is moving from south to north and is about 70% complete. Painters are following drywall and preparing for paint. Ceramic tile is going on the walls in the cafeteria and will continue to the floor. Preparations have been made with the principal to put in the new gas and power lines that will require some minor disruptions to the campus. Contractors have agreed to work week-ends to minimize the disruptions. Brick is complete on the south and east sides and is about 60% complete on the west. They should be through with the brick in the next few weeks.

San Jacinto Project:

Work continues on the south upstairs 6 classrooms. Drywall is nearing completion and floor prep is complete. Mechanical and electrical work is almost complete in the ceilings and ceiling grid will follow. The elevator shaft and mechanical rooms are almost complete. Window frames are in and glass should follow in the next week. Painting will begin soon. We anticipate moving back into these rooms the first week in May and will then begin work on the downstairs south end that will include the office renovations during the summer.

Central Project:

Ag and building maintenance shops are complete and occupied.

Morse Demolition is complete and back fill for the basement area is complete.

Admin/classroom wing: This building is being worked in four sections now. The upstairs and downstairs on the east are the most complete. They are working the building from east to west, downstairs to upstairs. Rooms on the east end have all drywall in place and are preparing for painting. Window frames are in place and glass will be coming soon. Flooring will follow soon. There are about 100 people on the job most days. We still anticipate moving into this building in August. During the summer, Central will be shut down and there will be a massive amount of site work taking place for parking and underground utilities.

Phase 3 Renovations: The Board approved the GMP for Phase 3 at $15,223,274. We were able to accept all of our alternates except roofing and we will revisit that as the project moves ahead. Phase 3 is starting next week with the renovation of the technology center. During the summer there will be work in the library, Sousa, and Michelangelo. It will be a very busy summer at CHS.

Crockett Project:

Red iron steel erection and exterior metal studs are complete. Slab has been poured and all roof decking is in place. Metal studs have started in the main hallway and will continue for the next several weeks.

Glenmore Project:

We have developed a new scope for Glenmore. The architects are working on the revisions and we hope to get the bid on the street in mid-May. The initial estimate from the construction manger looks good and we believe we are back within budget and should still be able to provide all that is needed at Glenmore.

Bradford Project:

We continue discussions with the principal at Bradford. Gary Donaldson is the architect and Lee Lewis Construction has been selected as the construction manager at-risk. Lee Lewis provided an initial budget estimate last week and we are now looking at what we need to revisit with the plan. This project will not get to bid until mid-summer.

Reagan Project:

Reagan is out to bid at this time and we will open the bid on April 7th. I plan on presenting a GMP to the board in April. Construction will begin in June with the demolition of the early childhood wing to prepare for a new wing.