Bond Progress Report - 7/1/2011

July 1, 2011

Santa Rita Project:

This project is complete.

Holiman Project:

All areas that we are renovating are almost complete. We moved into the renovated spaces this week. There are a few exterior items for drainage and walkways that still need to be completed and those will happen within the month. The restroom addition in the older area of the building is nearing completion and should also be finished by the end of July. We will start school at Holiman with the bond project completed. Pictures attached are of the renovation portion of the project.

Lee Project:

There is a lot of working taking place this summer. Renovations are underway in the cafeteria and site work continues throughout the campus. Fire sprinklers are underway to connect the old and new areas of the main building. Drywall is well underway upstairs and should be complete before the end of July. The new restrooms have been blocked in at the cafeteria and flooring has started in the kitchen. Lighting and painting are almost complete in the small gym and girl’s dressing rooms. Attached picutres are from the cafeteria and sidewalk to the new band hall.

Goliad Project:

Construction at Goliad in the new building is nearing completion. By the middle of July we will begin moving into the new wing. They are padding out ceilings and laying floor tile. Carpet will begin in the next week. Work continues on the drives and landscaping will begin in late July. Asbestos abatement begins in the north wing of the original campus on July 5 and will continue to the middle wing and should be completed by the end of the month. Attached pictures are from the hallway into a classroom in the new addition and the kitchen serving line.

San Jacinto Project:

Renovation on the 6 classrooms upstairs is almost complete and we will move back into those rooms in mid July. Demolition work is well underway on the downstairs area that includes the office and that work is scheduled to be completed by the end of the summer. At that time, we will vacate the four additional rooms upstairs and prepare that area for demolition. Attached pictures are from the upstairs renovated hallway and classrooms.

Central Project:

Ag and building maintenance shops are complete and occupied.

Admin/classroom wing: Finishing touches are being put on the east end of the new building. Flooring is going in and then the terrazzo flooring will be finished. Work continues to progress up and down stairs on the east end. They are rapidly working themselves out the front door. Site work continues all over the campus. Fulton and Caddo halls were both demolished during this last month and the new parking area is taking shape. The drainage around the main parking on the west side continues and is nearing a completion date so that paving can begin. All of this is scheduled to be complete for the beginning of school.

Phase 3 Renovations: Phase 3 is moving ahead. Sousa is about half through. We are adding new HVAC and flooring to the building. Some flooring may not be complete when school starts but will be continued on holiday breaks. The library demolition is complete and the renovations are coming along nicely with new windows and HVAC. The west end of Michelangelo will be converted into the new student service center and book room. We are about one third of the way finished with this area. It should be finished about the time school starts.

Attached pictures show the new science labs.

Crockett Project:

Brick work is nearing completion on Crockett. Slabs are being formed for the new restrooms adjacent to the original wings of the campus. The play slab is being prepared for pouring later this month and should be available when school starts. Drywall continues in the corridors and interior sides of the classrooms. Glass should be coming in the next week or two and that will allow the drywall to finish. Some utility work is also underway and will be completed prior to school starting in August. Attached pictures show the west side of the new building facing the playground and the new library.

Glenmore Project:

The Board approved the construction price on Glenmore in the June meeting. The project is in budget at $4,800,000 and work will begin in the next month with the removal of the playground equipment and the demolition of one of the older wings.

Bradford Project:

We continue discussions with the principal and construction manager at Bradford. Gary Donaldson is the architect and Lee Lewis Construction has been selected as the construction manager at-risk. Lee Lewis provided an initial budget estimate in May and we will work towards an updated estimate in late July. This project will not get to bid until early fall. Our hope is to start construction before the first of 2012.

Reagan Project:

Demolition of the second floor at Reagan began on June 20th. This is the first phase of the project and it will take about 6-7 months for completion. Attached pictures show demolition in progress on the second floor.

Lake View Project:

We had our initial meeting with the principal at Lake View to start the project. The project should provide 6 new classrooms and 4 science lab classrooms. We are also exploring the possibility of expanding the band hall. I hope to have a recommendation for a construction manager in August or September. This project will not go to bid until the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012 due to the amount of work currently available for the local sub-contractors.