Construction Causes Re-Routing of Lincoln Middle School Traffic

August 18, 2011

Due to road construction in the area surrounding Lincoln Middle School, vehicle traffic and pedestrian traffic will need to follow temporary routes. Everyone traveling in the vicinity of Lincoln will need to use extra caution while construction is underway.

Information for vehicles:

Each morning before school, vehicles will need to avoid Grape Creek Road. Vehicles are advised to take Travis Street to 50th Street and use the east side drop off lane.

At the end of the school day, vehicles will need to travel on Travis Street to 50th to pick up students. Students may load on the south side of 50th Street and in the east side drop-off /pick-up lane as well. The front entrance of the school will be reserved for special needs students to be dropped off and picked up before and after school. Turn-around signage will be posted to allow drivers to turn around on 50th. There should be no parking on the north side of the street. Drivers will not be able to use Grape Creek Road. There will be less space available for early arrival of vehicles in the afternoons.

Information for walkers:

Students walking to school will need to be aware of construction traffic and should stay away from construction areas. Walkers will need to stay to the north side of 50th Street if needing to cross Grape Creek Road. A designated walkway will be established for walking to and from Lincoln from the Grape Creek Road/Estate Drive/Sonrisas areas. The walkway will be indicated by orange construction fencing.