Bond Progress Report - 9/13/2011

September 13, 2011

Santa Rita Project:

This project is complete.

Holiman Project:

Holiman is complete except for some punch list items and correcting a few minor items that have been found since school started.

Lee Project:

The cafeteria renovations were completed over the summer along with several outside areas and some landscaping. Work continues on the upstairs and it looks like we should be able to move in towards the end of November. The next phase will be the east end downstairs. That should start in January after abatement.

Goliad Project:

The new addition at Goliad was completed this summer and we made the move in mid-July. School started in the new addition and except for some punch list items and changing out the bad tile in the cafeteria, all is going well. Renovation is well underway on the two original wings. Demolition is nearing completion and in the north wing metal stud walls are being erected. Exterior siding is going in with new windows and work continues on the restroom additions.

San Jacinto Project:

Renovation is almost complete in the downstairs office areas. We hope to move back into the offices the end of this week. Demolition has started in the north part of the upstairs wing. School has been going well thanks to the hard work of the staff as they attempt to dodge construction and carry on normal activities.

Central Project:

Kelton Ag and building maintenance shops: Complete

Tucker Admin/classroom wing: We moved into the new building the first of August. There are still many bugs we are working out that go along with new facilities.

Phase 3 Renovations: Phase 3 is moving ahead. Sousa is in use and there is no disruption in classes. We will still have some of this building to complete either during Christmas Break or next summer. New floors and paint are scheduled in the hallways as well as some work in the downstairs technology area. We will also need to change out HVAC in the main server room. Bacon (library) was completed last week and we moved in Friday. They should be ready for students by the middle of this week. Work continues on Michelangelo to prepare for the new Student Service Center. This work should be complete by the end of the month. The next buildings to undergo renovation will be Schweitzer (old science wing), old office, and old counseling center. These will be converted to other spaces. Abatement will begin October 1st and construction will follow the abatement.

Crockett Project:

Exterior work is almost complete on the new building. Painting is underway on the inside. Windows are in and finish work will be soon. There are still some utilities that need to be brought into the new building and that should take place this month. Our scheduled move-in date for the new building is late November. After we move in, the original three wings will be next on the schedule.

Glenmore Project:

Construction at Glenmore started this summer with the demolition of a two classroom wing and removal of the playground. Work is underway building the pad for the new addition. The pad should be complete in the next week and pier holes and grade beams should start by early October. Utility work will continue throughout the year.

Bradford Project:

We continue discussions with the principal and construction manager at Bradford. Gary Donaldson is the architect and Lee Lewis Construction has been selected as the construction manager at-risk. Lee Lewis provided an updated budget estimate in August. We are still working to bring this project into budget. This project will not get to bid until late fall. Our hope is to start construction before the first of 2012.

Reagan Project:

Demolition of the second floor at Reagan is complete. Hatch channels (narrow metal studs) are being installed over the plaster walls to provide a smoother finish to the walls. Work will continue on the second floor throughout the winter.

Lake View Project:

We had our initial meeting with the principal at Lake View to start the project. The project should provide 6 new classrooms and 4 science lab classrooms. We are also exploring the possibility of expanding the band hall. I hope to have a recommendation for a construction manager in August or September. This project will not go to bid until the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012 due to the amount of work currently available for the local sub-contractors.