Bond Progress Report - 5/15/2012

May 15, 2012

Santa Rita Project:

This project is complete.

Holiman Project:

This project is complete.

Lee Project:

Work continues on the first floor with electrical and plumbing rough in. Restrooms are taking shape and plaster is being applied to restroom walls to prepare for the tile. Painting is almost complete in classrooms and office reconfiguration is moving forward. We will be working on the west wing (science area) this summer and most of the first floor should be complete before school starts. Work is also beginning in the big gym for the new restrooms and snack bar.

Goliad Project:

Work continues in the south wing. All demolition is complete and rough-ins have started. This work will continue through the summer.

San Jacinto Project:

Work is progressing on the library, computer lab, and classroom on the north end of the main building as well as the two 1950’s editions. These should be complete this summer. Plumbing rough-in is complete in the 1950’s wings and painting is well underway in the main building.

Central Project:

Kelton Ag and building maintenance shops: Complete

Tucker Admin/classroom wing: Complete.

Phase 3 Renovations: The Student Service Center is complete and operational.

Banneker: - Complete

Schweitzer: - renovations are nearing completion on this building. Ceilings are being padded out and flooring should start next week. We anticipate moving into the space in early June.

Crockett Project:

Work continues on the plumbing and electrical rough-ins in the three original additions and former library. Demolition of the front is complete and dirt work is progressing for the new drive and front entrance. One wing should be ready to occupy when school starts and we can begin removing the portables.

Glenmore Project:

Work in new addition is moving forward and should be complete the middle of June. Drywall is in and painting has started in several areas. Tile in restrooms and hallways should start in the next two weeks and flooring will follow as soon as AC is up and running. Renovations to the 14 classroom addition that ties into the new addition as well as renovations to the administration/library building will begin in June. This will be a very busy summer and run up to the day school starts to get all completed.

Bradford Project:

Work on the dirt pad and parking areas at Bradford continues. Steel and concrete should begin appearing in early June.

Reagan Project:

Upstairs is coming along and wainscot tile is progressing in the hallways. All millwork is on site and most is installed. Final plumbing fixtures are going in and this should be ready by mid-June.

Lake View Project:

Preliminary design has been sent to the construction estimators and we are expecting an estimated budget next week. We will continue the design process after we see the initial budget estimate.