Bond Progress Report - 10/4/2012

October 5, 2012

Santa Rita Project:

This project is complete.

Holiman Project:

This project is complete.

Lee Project:

The main part of the building is complete except for the four rooms on the north hallway. They are projected to complete these rooms around November 1st. At that time we should be in the process of moving the portables and preparing for the track installation. The new restrooms and snack bar are 99% compolete in the big gym. The fieldhouse is also almost complete. We will be moving into that space next week.

Goliad Project:

This project is 99% complete. We still need to finish the fencing and some landscape work along with some punch list items.

San Jacinto Project:

We are about 95% complete with this project. We are still working on landscaping, painting the exterior, minor work on exterior hallways, and removal of the portables. We will move into the two, 2-classroom buildings on October 8th. The rest of the work on this site is exterior.

Central Project:

Kelton Ag and building maintenance shops: Complete

Tucker Admin/classroom wing: Complete.

Phase 3 Renovations: The Student Service Center is complete and operational.

Banneker 1: - Complete.

Banneker 2: Complete.

Schweitzer: - Complete.

Cafeteria: Complete

Courtyard: Complete

Michelangelo: Complete except for punch list items.

Holmes: Demolition of Holmes is complete and metal stud walls are going up. The concrete is poured in the extended classrooms on each corner and plumbing is going into the renovated restrooms. This project is scheduled for completion around Christmas.

Crockett Project:

The north wing is about 99% complete and we will move into the space on October 4th and 5th. Work continues on the south and middle wings and they should be ready in the next two months. We anticipate this project being complete in May.

Glenmore Project:

Work continues on the office building. Demolition is complete and metal stud walls have all been erected. Rough-in plumbing and electrical is in progress. We have decided to proceed with new windows in the administration building. Demolition is beginning in the two classroom addition off of the courtyard.

Bradford Project:

Progress is good at Bradford. The exterior of the building is closed in and block work should begin soon. Roofing is complete and electrical and plumbing rough-in is well underway. We anticipate a move in date of mid-January for this building.

Reagan Project:

The demolition on the downstairs is almost complete.

Lake View Project:

We opened bids on October 2nd. The bid was higher than we anticipated. Our original estimated construction cost for this project was $2.8 million. After we reviewed estimates we raised our cost to $3.2 million. The bid came in at $3.6 million. After reviewing the bid and where we are on the overall bond, I am prepared to recommend accepting this bid for Lake View. We will have final approval at the board meeting on October 15th and begin construction mobilization as early as November 1. Construction will take about 10-12 months.