SAISD To Launch “Bring Your Own Device” Program

April 15, 2013

District officials are pleased to announce the implementation of the Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) program for SAISD students. The BYOD program is designed for students to use their own electronic computing devices within the district environment. Under BYOD, students are permitted and encouraged to bring and use their own devices for routine classroom tasks and educational ventures. Devices acceptable for use will be laptops, smartphones, tablets, iPods, or any other mobile device that has Internet connectivity.

In the past, the use of computing devices not owned by the school district has been forbidden during the school day; however, in an effort to put students at the center and empower them to take control of their own learning, campuses will begin implementing the program this spring, with complete campus participation slated for the 2013-2014 school year.

Students are not required to bring personal electronic mobile devices to school. San Angelo ISD will continue to make internet accessible devices available to students.

Parents will be notified by letter of the implementation date for their child's campus. Teachers will then notify students in advance when BYOD may be utilized in their classrooms. For example, on state testing dates, BYOD will not be allowed in the classroom. On dates when a research project is occurring, the teacher may inform the students in advance that they may bring their own mobile devices, if they wish.

San Angelo ISD has created "Responsible Use Guidelines (RUG)" which will apply to all technology devices. Details can be found here.

Students and parents will need to be aware of the district policy surrounding BYOD. Below are a few items of importance from the Responsible Use Guidelines:

  • All students must adhere to the Responsible Use Guidelines and Student Code of Conduct. When students use technology inappropriately while on the school network, the same consequences apply, regardless of who owns the device. The BYOD program is a privilege and can be revoked at any point in time.
  • These mobile devices are the sole responsibility of the owner. The campus or District assumes no responsibility for personal telecommunication devices if they are lost, loaned, damaged or stolen.
  • The District is not responsible for maintaining, repairing, or otherwise troubleshooting a user's personal cellular, mobile or other electronic devices.
  • The District is not responsible for damage, corruption, modification, and/or deletion of any personal data stored on any student-owned handheld computing/communication device.
  • A filtered Internet connection will be provided for students to use for educational purposes.

For more information, please contact your child's campus principal. If you need further information, you may contact SAISD's Technology Director at 657-4002 x111.