Four CHS Students Receive Awards During ASU Young Writer's Contest

March 30, 2017

Students from Central High School captured four of nine awards during Angelo State University's Young Writers Contest, part of the 21st Annual Writers Conference in honor of one of San Angelo's own authors, the late Elmer Kelton. 

Competition was held in the categories of short story, narrative, and poetry. 58 contestants vied for the top awards in each area of competition. 

Awards went to Abigail Bartholomeo, 3rd place poetry; Esther Whited, 2nd place narrative; Audrey Harzke; 2nd place poetry; and Abbi Roane, 1st place poetry.  Students were each awarded a certificate as well as a copy of a novel by featured author Anne Hillerman, who autographed the novel at the students' request.

Pictured from left to right:  
Jean Hase, English IV AP teacher and Abigail Bartholomeo, 3rd place poetry, Esther Whited, 2nd place narrative, and English II Pre-AP teacher Lisa Lesosky, Audrey Harzke, 2nd place poetry, Abbi Roane, 1st place poetry, and English II Pre-AP teacher Angela Pidgeon