The Voice of Bambi, Donnie Dunagan Visits Fort Concho Elementary

May 11, 2017

Donald "Donnie" Dunagan, a retired former child actor best known for providing the voice of Bambi in the classic Disney film, visited Fort Concho Elementary today and spoke to the students about living up to their potential. 

Dunagan, who is currently promoting the 75th anniversary of "Bambi" and the upcoming release of the Digital HD version of the film, shared with 5th graders stories of becoming a child actor in Hollywood at a young age and of his time in the Marines. 

Dunagan summed up his message to the students with the following statements. "Keep your eyes forward. Keep your heart clean. Keep your honor intact. Live a good life. And keep reaching."

Fort Concho principal Lori Barton said that Dunagan's "message resonates with what we try to promote in SAISD. Go for your potential. Be growth minded. Don't let barriers keep you from moving forward."

When asked what they learned during the assembly, students responded with messages such as "be truthful", "don't judge a book by its cover", and "live your life to the fullest."

Every 5th grader at the school received an autographed printed card promoting the 75th anniversary of "Bambi". 

Dunagan, who was born in San Antonio, starred in several films as a child including "Son of Frankenstein" with Boris Karloff before becoming the voice of Bambi in 1940.

Dunagan also served as a United States Marine Corps drill instructor and served three tours in Vietnam, where he was wounded several times. For his service he received a Bronze Star and three Purple Hearts. Dunagan is retired and lives in San Angelo.