SAISD Implementing New Notification System

November 6, 2019

San Angelo ISD is implementing a new notification system called SwiftK12.  This notification system will make it easier for us to keep in contact with your family.

The SwiftK12 notification system will be used to send parent notifications, emergency alerts, and important updates including school closures, safety information, school events, and general information. SwiftK12 allows the district and schools to send messages using email, phone, and text messaging.

Email notifications will typically be sent from "". To ensure delivery of important emails, please add this email address to your Approved or Safe Senders list.

Phone calls from the district will be sent with 325-947-3838 as the caller ID number. Phone calls from your child's school will be sent with the school's phone number as the caller ID number. You may want to add these phone numbers to your address book to help you easily recognize incoming calls from the district and school.

Text messages from the district will be sent with "SAISD" in the message. Text messages from your child's school will be sent with the school's name in the message. Please note you will not be able to reply to text messages sent from the school and standard text messaging rates may apply.

SwiftK12 will be used exclusively for district and school communications. Your contact information will not be shared or used for any other purpose. 

While you may have the option to opt-out of certain SwiftK12 notifications, keep in mind that by doing so, you may miss information and announcements pertaining to your child and his/her school or the district, including emergency notifications.