School Bond 2008 - Campus Specific Costs and Details

Estimated Costs

School Projected Cost Architect
Holiman $6,900,000 Gary Donaldson
Bradford $6,440,000 Gary Donaldson
Reagan $6,267,500 Skip Gregonis
Glenmore $5,347,500 Craig Kinney
San Jacinto $6,727,500 Skip Gregonis
Santa Rita $2,702,500 Craig Kinney
Goliad $8,970,000 Gary Donaldson
Crockett $9,027,500 Gary Donaldson
Central HS $47,540,000 Huckabee Inc./Craig Kinney
Lee MS $14,150,750 Huckabee Inc.
Lake View HS $2,817,500 Gary Donaldson
Total Cost $116,890,750  

Campus-Specific Details

Click the following links to see detailed plans for each campus.

Bradford Elementary
Crockett Elementary
Glenmore Elementary
Goliad Elementary
Holiman Elementary
Reagan Elementary
San Jacinto Elementary
Santa Rita Elementary
Lee Middle School
Lake View High School
Central High School