School Bond 2008 - Holiman Elementary


Campus: Holiman Elementary

Architect: Gary Donaldson

Estimated Cost: $6,900,000

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ADA Compliance

  • Ramps/Doors
  • Restroom upgrades

Renovations and Repair

  • Convert cafeteria and existing office to classrooms/computer labs/special use

New Additions

  • 12 Regular Classrooms (Replaces portables and rooms from Buildings A and B), 2 computer labs (may be in
    renovation of cafeteria), 4 special program use rooms, Need storage space for Art and Science, library
    expansion, new office/campus entrance and cafeteria (TOTAL SQUARE FEET TBD – approximately 30,000)

Site Improvements

  • Provide new pickup and drop off lane and additional parking


  • Work TBD


  • Playground fencing and sidewalks
  • Removal of Portables