Counseling and Guidance Department

The Counseling and Guidance Department for the San Angelo Independent School District is an integral part of the complete education process. Our department strives to provide a systematic approach to assist and empower all students in acquiring the skills needed to be academically successful and college/career ready, while also providing assistance for those in need of special services. SAISD school counselors work collaboratively with school staff, students, parents and the community to design a developmental counseling program that includes a guidance curriculum, responsive services, individual planning and system supports. Our primary goal as a department is to support the social, emotional, career and academic growth and development for all students in San Angelo ISD. Services are delivered through the following four components:

Guidance Curriculum is the process of planning curriculum and implementing units of instruction that may include classroom instruction, small group discussions, parent workshops, school wide assemblies and collaborative activities with the campus community.

Responsive Services are actions that address immediate needs or concerns of a student that may include consultation, referrals to Licensed Professional Counselors and/or agencies, individual and/or small group counseling, crisis counseling or peer support.

Individual Planning coordinates a systematic approach to promoting competency in academic, career, social and personal goals for the individual student.

System Supports manage the implementation of the school counseling program through professional development, consultation and collaboration, program review, partnerships, advocacy, data analysis and other supports within the educational system.

Contact Information:

Rebecca Cline
Director of Assessment and Counselors
T: (325) 947-3838 x741

Raelynn Cajas
Administrative Assistant
T: (325) 947-3838 x744

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