Frequently Asked Questions

I am new to San Angelo, and my child was identified as being gifted in another state or in another district in Texas. Is he/she automatically placed into your gifted program?

Transfer students who have been served by another district in a Gifted and Talented Program are considered for the SAISD program based on records and other evidence provided by the previous school district. The District Selection Committee reviews the documents to determine if placement in the SAISD Gifted and Talented Program is appropriate. The District Selection Committee may determine if additional data or testing is needed for further review before making a placement decision. If no records are available, the student will be required to test according to the District Screening Procedures for the appropriate grade level.

What kind of documentation do I need to provide to assist with the referral and screening process?

It is always helpful for parents to share GT testing documentation with the campus counselor. The counselor will forward this paperwork to the Advanced Academics Office who will work to verify that your child was served in a gifted program before proceeding with assessment. National, state, and district testing information, report cards that show gifted placements, and letters of acceptance into a gifted program can expedite the screening process.

I am new to the district, and I would like my child tested for the gifted program. What is the process? Who do I contact?

Parents, teachers, administrators, counselors, community members may refer a child for testing. District testing for the gifted and talented program is done annually. Please contact the counselor at your child's SAISD school for further information if you would like to refer your child for testing. During June and July, please contact the Advanced Academics Office for assistance.

How many students are accepted into the GT program each year?

GT identification does not involve a quota. All students who qualify under the district guidelines will be eligible to participate in the gifted and talented program.

If I need information about how to refer my child for testing, who do I contact?

Please contact the counselor at your child's school.

My child does not attend a SAISD school. How do I have him/her screened?

The Texas Education Agency does not require public schools to conduct Gifted and Talented testing for private school students. However, if you are interested in having your child screened for the SAISD program, please contact the Advanced Academics Office. For a fee of $200 which covers the cost of the screening materials and time spent administering and scoring the assessments, arrangements may be made to assess your child. Your child will need to be available for 2 hours on 2 mornings in order to complete the assessment.

What is TRIYS?

TRIYS is a research program that is available to our Gifted and Talented 1st – 5th graders. Students present their research projects at the Dr. Carol Ann Bonds TRIYS Symposium which is held in March.

My student does not attend a GT magnet school, but has been identified as GT. May he/she still participate in the TRIYS program?

Yes. GT students who remain on their home-campus may participate in TRIYS. These students are bused to an elementary campus for 2 hours one day a week. The program begins the last week of September and ends with the Dr. Carol Ann Bonds TRIYS Symposium in mid-March. Because of the nature of the program, students must begin the program during the first 2 weeks. Students who move into SAISD or who are identified in the Fall Screening will not be able to participate until the following year.