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Procedures for Acceleration K-12 During COVID-19

In accordance with Board Policy EHDC

SAISD believes that acceleration must be in the best interest of the child, and supported by the child’s support team before assessments are given. All final decisions will be made by an Acceleration Committee which consists of the Director of Advanced Academics, Principal, Counselor, Teacher, and Parent.

The following windows for K-8 acceleration testing are strictly adhered to so that assessments can be ordered, proctored, and scored in a timely manner. The TTUK-12 (Texas Tech University) Credit by Exams are used and all reviews for exams can be found at:

Kindergarten - Grade 2

Due to COVID and the nature of testing involving face to face proctoring, acceleration testing has been suspended until further notice for the 2020-2021 school year.

Grades 3 – 5

Acceleration testing will resume in July 2020. Testing will be done online and will be completed during SAISD Jumpstart Summer School Program.

Timeline for Grade 3-Grade 5 Acceleration Testing Deadlines
Parent requests acceleration testing in writing to the Director of Advanced Academics The Advanced Academics Director will contact the Director of Assessment, Director of Elementary Curriculum, Principal and Counselor. June 1
An Acceleration Committee will gather information from teacher, principal, and parent to determine if acceleration testing is appropriate. June 8 - June 19
Parent will be notified of acceleration testing date and time by the Director of Advanced Academics. Reviews can be downloaded at
No later than June 26

Acceleration testing:

  • Testing will be online and all materials will be provided.
  • Testing will be at a district designated campus with a proctor.
  • Social distancing and CDC precautions will be strictly followed.
  • Student must score >80% to qualify for acceleration
All testing will be completed July 13 -July 17
Online scores will be available 3-5 business days after testing
The Acceleration Committee will determine qualification of acceleration and notify the parent and Campus Principal. Prior to the 1st day of school

Grades 9 – 12

CBE testing will be prioritized for students who are needing credit to graduate by July 2020.
Other CBE testing will need approval from the Director of Secondary Curriculum and Instruction.

Timeline for 9-12 Credit By Exam (for acceleration) Deadlines
Parent/Student must request and complete an application for acceleration testing through the campus counselor or principal. Can be done at any time throughout the school year.

Students and/or parent/guardian will receive an email with directions and guidance for setting up online testing from home. Students must have access to the following:

  • Quiet and Distraction Free Area to Take the Exam in its Entirety
  • Internal or External webcam
  • Google Chrome Internet Browser with Proctorio Extension
  • Headset or Earbuds
  • Microphone
  • Student Photo ID
All testing will be completed by the student once TTUK-12 sends an email with directions and guidance for test day.
Student will receive scores within 3-5 business days of testing.  
Counselors will transcript the score as a grade. Prior to the end of each quarter.

Appeal Process

In the event of a disagreement with the campus grade placement committee the following procedures will be followed:

  1. Parent will request an appeal through the campus principal in writing.
  2. The principal will contact the Department of Assessment and Counseling.
  3. The Department of Assessment and Counseling will notify the following committee:
    1. Director of Assessment and Counseling
    2. Chief of School Leadership
    3. Elementary or Secondary Director of Curriculum and Instruction
    4. The parent
  4. The committee will notify the parent of the meeting date and time
  5. The meeting will convene and final decisions will be made and communicated to the campus principal and parent.

Contact Information:

Rebecca Cline
Director of Assessment and Counselors
T: (325) 947-3838 x741

Raelynn Cajas
Administrative Assistant
T: (325) 947-3838 x744