SAISD A+ Wellness - Workplace Wellness

Workplace wellness includes activities and policies designed to promote healthy behavior in the workplace and to enable employees to improve their health. Learn how to stay well at work with the following tips and information.

Desk Stretches

Sitting at a computer for long periods often causes neck and shoulder stiffness and occasionally lower back pain. Do these stretches throughout the day, or whenever you fell stiff.

Computer and Desk Stretches

Seated stretches for the workplace
Standing or sitting for long periods of time can make areas of your lower body sore. To prevent or reduce stiffness and pain, try these stretches. View video

Desk stretches: How-to video collection
If you work at a desk or computer for long stretches of time, you might place excessive stress on certain muscles. As a result, you're likely to get stiff and sore — unless you take frequent breaks for physical activity. Watch these videos on specific desk stretches to understand proper form and technique. Videos in this series include: Neck stretches, Forearm stretches, Upper body stretches, Seated stretches, and Standing stretches for the workplace. View video series

Wellness Champions

Each SAISD campus has at least one wellness champion. The primary responsibilities of the wellness champions are to distribute wellness information and promote contests & programs to other employees at their campus.

2012-2013 Wellness Champions

Fitness Routes

The maps below are suggested routes to walk or jog at or near each of the SAISD campus locations. In addition to route detail, each school sheet also gives the approximate number of steps for each lap of a route, estimated time (based on a person walking a 17 minute per mile pace), the approximate number of calories burned per lap, and the number of laps needed to per week to meet the minimum Centers for Disease Control aerobic exercise recommendations.

SAISD Fitness Routes

Workplace Wellness Tips

ASUFit Ask the Expert: Employee Injury Prevention with Casie Feathers, PT, MPT
Check out Casie's advice about how to prevent injuries while on the job. She gives advice to both employees who work mainly at a desk and to employees who are asked to complete physical labor. View video