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Career and Technical Education

Career and Technology Education courses allow students to use academic knowledge and problem solving skills while acquiring occupationally specific skills as part of their high school curriculum. As technology has enhanced access, variety and exchange of information, completion of high school may not follow the traditional route to postsecondary institutions. The state of Texas implemented career and technology education as a means to ex­pand and achieve competency-based learning. Various types of programs are offered: laboratory program classes, practicums, internships and a variety of courses centered on technology. To learn more about the classes and clusters of study offered at SAISD, download this flyer or visit

Endorsement Areas of Study

The Endorsement's approach in selection of high school courses of study for students bring associated courses and fields of career interest together. By choosing an endorsement to follow, students have the opportunity to explore the real "world of work" through practicum programs as paid or unpaid interns. Our Dual credit program is giving students college credit for courses taken within a pathway while in high school. CTE is a great way for students to prepare for the highly technological and competitive workplace of the 21st century.

Technical Dual Credit or Articulated Courses

San Angelo ISD offers many career and technical courses that a student may take to earn technical dual credit or articulated credit. Dual credit courses offered to students in San Angelo ISD are college-level career and technical courses taken by high school students for which they receive high school and college credit at the same time. Howard College teachers or high school college-approved instructors teach these courses. Dual credit is available for students in grades 11-12 who are in good academic standing. High school counselors will provide specific eligibility requirements. Grades are awarded in the same way as college students who take the same courses. Howard College awards credit for a dual credit course immediately after successful completion of the course. Credit for articulated courses is given at graduation from high school. Technical dual credit courses are tuition free to students in San Angelo ISD.

Certifications and Licensures

Students have the opportunity to earn industry-recognized certifications and licensures, leading to either more specialized instruction in a given field, or a leap forward on the path of postsecondary education. Industry certifi­cations are gaining importance in the business world as evidence of skill attainment. Earning a certification gives students a sense of accomplishment, a highly valued professional credential, and helps make them more employ­able with higher starting salaries. Industry certifications have been aligned with the Career Pathways. Certifica­tion opportunities are one avenue through which Career and Technology Education fulfills its goals under state law. The Texas Education Agency is trying to provide as many opportunities as possible for students' professional growth and development. CTE continues consultations with local business and industry to determine which cer­tifications or licenses would be most sought after by area employees.

West Texas Training Center

The West Texas Training Center is a state-of-the-art training facility for SAISD students from Central and Lake View. Howard College is an educational partner in this facility. Students have the opportunity to take a variety of Career and Technical programs including advanced computer applications, agricultural mechanics/ welding, computer maintenance, cosmetology, criminal justice, drafting, heating ventilation and cooling, health science, internetworking technology, 3-D animation, auto tech, auto body, construction, digital graphics, and audio video production. Transportation is provided from the two high school campuses. WTTC is located at 3501 North US Hwy. 67.

Student Organizations

CTE has active student organizations involved in state and national competitions. Students are encouraged to join an organization associated with their career interest to practice the skills and knowledge gained in the lab and classroom setting. CTE students regularly compete and advanced in nationally recognized competitions. SAISD is fortunate to have students holding state and national offices in the past and present, highlighting the success of these initiatives. For more about student organizations, visit

Contact Information

Roxanne Fentress
Director of Career and Technical Education

T: (325)481-8305