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Weather Related Closing & Delays

At SAISD, one of our primary goals is the safety of our students. When the threat of inclement weather exists, we make every effort to make decisions regarding school closures or delays that are in the best interest of student safety.

When inclement weather is expected, we maintain constant contact with the National Weather Service, TxDOT, the Department of Public Safety and other local agencies. In addition, SAISD crews begin driving the roads as early as 4:00 a.m. to assess driving conditions when hazardous conditions may exist.

It is important to note that any decisions made regarding school delay or closure are not based on temperature, but icy road conditions that make travel dangerous.

We make every effort to render a decision on closure or delay as early as possible.  If it is determined that a school cancellation or delay is necessary, a decision will be made no later than 6:00 a.m.; and whenever possible, a decision will be made the evening before when weather conditions appear to be a concern.

As soon as a decision is made, information will be posted to the home page of the SAISD website, social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and SAISD's public access channel - Suddenlink Ch. 4. Local news outlets will also be notified. Please tune to any of these sources for potential changes to the regular school schedule.  Otherwise, schools will be open as scheduled.

The decision to cancel or delay school is a complicated one that affects students, staff, and families. We understand that canceling school may cause families hardships related to finding childcare. As such, canceling school is an exception and we do everything possible to keep schools open.

Late Start FAQ

What time does school start?
Each school will start 2 hours after its regularly scheduled time. You can find all schools' start times here. Simply find your school and add two hours to its normal start time.

How early can I drop my child off?
Schools will open for student drop-off 2 hours later than their regular schedule. If you child’s elementary school is usually open for drop-off 20 minutes before the first bell, then for a late start, you would be able to drop your students off 20 minutes before the late start time.

What class do I report to?
Elementary school students should report to their normal classroom. Middle school students should report to their first period classroom as they will operate on a compressed schedule. This means students will go to all classes but for a shorter period of time. Virtual Academy students in middle school who participate in on-campus extracurricular activities will receive additional details directly from their school. High school students should report to their 3rd period classroom as they will begin with that class period. Virtual Academy students in high school who participate in on-campus extracurricular activities will only need to report to campus for the activities if they occur at 3rd period or after on a regular school day. Any activities regularly scheduled during 1st and 2nd period will be cancelled for the day.

Will buses still run?
Yes, buses will run their normal routes 2 hours later than their regular time. For example, if your bus usually picks you up at 7:10, that same bus will pick up at 9:10.

What about morning Pre-K?
Morning 1/2 day Pre-K will begin 2 hours after its regular start time as with all other classes. However, if you choose to keep your child home, there will be no penalty for the absence. This applies to morning pre-k students only. Afternoon pre-k and all other SAISD students still need to report at the regular time.

Will breakfast still be served in the classroom?
No, breakfast will not be served in the classrooms on late start days. Please make arrangements for your child to eat breakfast before coming to school. Lunch will be served at the regular time.

Does a late start affect the end of the school day?
No, all schools will release on their normal schedules.

Will it be counted as an excused absence if I don't go to school on a late start day?
No, excused absences will not be granted for weather related delays. Please plan on being at school on time.

What if conditions get worse before the late start?
Please pay attention to the local media outlets for up to date information. If a change in weather/road conditions necessitates any changes/cancellations after a delay has already been called, that information will immediately be posted on all media channels.