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Weather Related Closing & Delays

At SAISD, one of our primary goals is the safety of our students and staff. When the threat of inclement weather exists, we make every effort to make decisions regarding school closures or delays that are in the best interest of student and staff safety.

When inclement weather is expected, we maintain constant contact with the National Weather Service, TxDOT, the Department of Public Safety and other local agencies. In addition, SAISD crews begin driving the roads as early as 4:00 a.m. to assess driving conditions when hazardous conditions may exist.

It is important to note that any decisions made regarding school delay or closure are not based on temperature, but icy road conditions that make travel dangerous.

We make every effort to render a decision on closure or delay as early as possible.  If it is determined that a school cancellation or delay is necessary, a decision will be made no later than 6:00 a.m.; and whenever possible, a decision will be made the evening before when weather conditions appear to be a concern.

As soon as a decision is made, information will be posted to the home page of the SAISD website, social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and SAISD's public access channel - Optimum Ch. 4. Local news outlets will also be notified. Please tune to any of these sources for potential changes to the regular school schedule.  Otherwise, schools will be open as scheduled.

The decision to cancel or delay school is a complicated one that affects students, staff, and families. We understand that canceling school may cause families hardships related to finding childcare. As such, canceling school is an exception and we do everything possible to keep schools open.

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