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Advanced Placement (AP) and Honors

Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses are vertically and horizontally aligned to ensure high standards for all students, preparing them for post-secondary education. Students enrolled in AP courses may qualify for college credit upon successful completion of the corresponding AP exams.


SAISD offers the option of Honors courses to all 6th – 10th graders in the core content areas of English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.

The Honors curricula for these courses are built on the core academic curriculum. The curricula are academically advanced. Further, the curricula are coordinated with the work of district AP Vertical and Horizontal Teams and developed with a concentration on building student capacity to understand rigorous content. The instruction for these classes includes a variety of assessment formats, including timed assessments, student accountability for independent reading, and the use of a variety of resources beyond the text.

*The goal of Honors mathematics in middle school is to prepare students for Algebra I in the 8th grade. 

6th - 8th grade honors courses have an Honors Agreement.

Advanced Placement (AP)

SAISD offers Advanced Placement courses to high school students who are ready to engage in college level course content and rigorous academics. Courses are available in English, social studies, computer science, mathematics, science, languages other than English, and art. In accordance with College Board, the AP course instructors have submitted the syllabi for their classes to College Board for approval. The syllabi used in these classes have been certified as meeting Advanced Placement Standards.

The AP program offers college level instruction to the academically successful high school student with the option of taking an Advanced Placement examination and possibly qualifying for college credit. AP students are expected to work at an accelerated pace and to engage in outside reading and independent learning. These courses focus on providing students with rigorous college level academic instruction while preparing them for the AP exam associated with the course.