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Teaching and Learning

As a true learning organization, SAISD is committed to making decisions at all levels of the organization based on the learning needs of students. The Teaching and Learning Design Framework and Management Plan was developed with the input of now over 300 teachers and administrators to provide guidance for teachers and administrators in meeting the needs of students, and to improve overall success in teaching mastery of standards. The SAISD Future-Ready Learner Profile provides a lens toward improvement in every area of our district. As a data-informed district, we also utilize the information provided to us through our strategic planning and continual district assessment processes to inform our direction and strategic actions. Our prioritized standards, curriculum, instructional processes/ resources, and assessment practices are closely aligned to alleviate gaps in students’ knowledge when transitioning from campus to campus and grade level to grade level.

San Angelo ISD Vision
“In Pursuit of Excellence”

San Angelo ISD Mission
The mission of San Angelo Independent School District is to engage all students in a relevant and inspiring education that produces future-ready graduates.

Beliefs and Commitments

  • We believe student achievement is our highest priority and core principle for all decisions that impact the district.
  • We believe equitable allocation of resources ensures each student will have the opportunity to become a capable, productive and contributing citizen.
  • We believe stakeholder partnerships are vital links to student achievement and essential connections that foster student success.
  • We believe in the value of each employee, in his/her personal and professional growth and empowerment to ensure academic achievement and student success.
  • We believe all students learn best in a safe, supportive, and secure environment.

District Priority Areas

  • SAISD Future-Ready Learner Profile and Educator Profile
  • SAISD Strategic Plan
  • Teaching and Learning Plan (including curriculum document implementation, assessment, PLCs and data-informed reflective processes)
  • Instructional Priorities as determined by data-informed district processes (i.e. Guided Reading in EL, Comprehensive Literacy in SEC)
  • Design Qualities Framework
  • Focus on Engagement vs. Compliance
  • Capturing Kids Hearts (following district timeline for campus training and implementation)

As all of our structures, processes, and systems continue to move toward a learning organization model, we evaluate the departments that provide support for the learning needs of students and continually seek to improve our collaborative response. Alignment to our Learner Profile at every level of the organization is our goal, as this becomes the measure for which we will hold ourselves accountable. Our district structures continue to be responsive to the evolving needs of our learners. In San Angelo ISD, we are committed to our mission of “engaging all students in a relevant and inspiring education that produces future-ready graduates”.

Future-Ready Learner Profile

Through collaborative processes involving the district Advisory Council, Teaching and Learning teacher and administrative teams, and the SAISD Board of Trustees, the district developed a Future-Ready Learner Profile that represents the goals we have for all students. These attributes encompass the qualities and characteristics we believe are important for our students to attain in order to be highly-capable and successful throughout their future endeavors. Facilitating and guiding the development of these prioritized skills will be the focus of all educators and support roles in the district.

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Educator Profile

Through the collaborative processes of developing and implementing the SAISD Future-Ready Learner Profile, our Advisory Council and district teacher and administrator teams determined that the next step in moving forward goals for our district would be to develop an Educator Profile.  This profile was designed to respond to the question, “If we believe that the Learner Profile is what we want for the students of San Angelo ISD, then what kind of educators do we need to recruit, develop, and support?”  These attributes encompass the qualities and characteristics we believe are important for all educators and support staff to exhibit in order to empower the learning needs of our future-ready learners.  

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