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Transitional Bilingual/Early Exit Program

San Angelo ISD offers a Transitional Bilingual/Early Exit Program for pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students through 3rd grade. The purpose of this program is for students identified as English Learners to become proficient in listening, speaking, reading, and writing in English through the development of literacy and academic skills in both Spanish and in English.

The goal of the Transitional Bilingual/Early Exit Program is for students to utilize their primary language as a resource while acquiring full proficiency in English. Students will receive instruction in English and Spanish. Spanish language instruction will be gradually phased out with most students transitioning to English-only instruction and being English proficient by third grade.

What are the benefits of the Transitional Bilingual/Early Exit Program?

The program provides access to the state curriculum and teaches students English using appropriate researched-based methods. It helps build knowledge and learning of academic subjects in a child's first language and in English while instilling self-assurance, confidence and cultural pride. For students whose first language isn’t English, learning literacy skills as early as pre-kindergarten is important to their academic success. Developing a child’s home language is critical for developing their English language skills. Research has shown that English Learners who receive bilingual instruction at an early age are more successful academically and have higher achievements in later grades.

Contact Information

Christy Diego
Director of  Emergent Bilingual
T: (325)947-3838 x798

Bilingual Program Updates

2020-2021 Title III Newsletter
2020-2021 Title III Newsletter

Where is the program available?

The bilingual program is open to all students who qualify. The program is housed at Bradford Elementary. Transportation will be provided to students who qualify. Instruction in the program will be delivered by a teacher appropriately certified in bilingual education.  

How Does a Student Qualify for the Transitional Bilingual/Early Exit Program?

During the enrollment process, if a student's home language survey indicates a language other than English, students can take a language proficiency test to determine eligibility for placement into the program.

Highlights of the Program:

  • Students receive literacy instruction in Spanish in grades pre-k-3
  • Students receive mathematics, science, and social studies in Spanish their pre-k year; instruction in English is then phased in through 1st grade and will continue through 3rd grade
  • Students are provided opportunities to engage in bilingual activities that support their social development, as well as their academic development
  • Students are given progress checks to monitor understanding of content in both English and Spanish, when appropriate
  • Homework assignments will be given in English and/or Spanish, as appropriate for the student, and should require minimal parental support

For more information about the Bilingual Education Program, please contact SAISD Director of Emergent Bilingual, Christy Diego at (325) 947-3838 x798 or .