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Debt Information

As part of our continuing commitment to transparency and accountability to our community, and in accordance with the Texas Comptroller’s Transparency Star Program criteria for local governments, San Angelo ISD maintains summary information about its outstanding debt.

Debt Service Financial Summary

The following debt service financial summary is current as of the 2021-22 budget year. San Angelo ISD's total outstanding debt obligations as of 9/1/2021 are $86,884,994. The total debt per student is $6,747.

Revenues Total Per Student
Property Taxes $8,118,400 $588.29
Other Local Revenues $80,000 $5.80
State Revenues $287,000 $20.80
Federal Revenues $0 $0
Total $8,485,400 $614.88
Expenditures Total Per Student
Debt Service  $8,360,000 $605.80
Total  $8,360,000 $605.80

Tax-Supported Debt Trend

SAISD Tax Supported Debt 2017-2021

Inflation Adjusted Tax-Supported Debt Per Student Trend

SAISD Inflation Adjusted Tax Supported Debt Per Student 2017-2021

Tax Rate Trend

SAISD Historical Property Tax Rates 2018-2022

Links and Other Information

Current Issues and Principal Balances as of 9/1/22

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Texas Bond Review Board

Adopted Budget (Prior year debt information included here)

2021-2022 Debt Transparency – HB 1378

Municipal Advisory Report 2021

Visit the Texas Comptroller's website at for more information on local government finances in our state, including the existing and proposed debt of cities, counties, school and hospital districts and hundreds of special-purpose districts throughout Texas.

Contact Information

Director of Financial Services
T: (325)947-3838 x793

Coordinator of Budget/Cash Manager
T: (325)947-3838 x799

T: (325)947-3838 x780

Coordinator of Financial Services
T: (325)947-3838 x789

Information about submitting Public Information Requests

Contact information for SAISD School Board members