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Procedures for Acceleration K-12

In accordance with Board Policy EHDC
Department of Curriculum and Instruction, Office of Advanced Academics, and Counseling and Assessment

SAISD believes that acceleration must be in the best interest of the child, and supported by the child’s support team before assessments are given.  All final decisions will be made by an Acceleration Committee which  consists of the Director of Advanced Academics, Principal, Counselor, Teacher, and Parent.

The following windows for K-8 acceleration testing are strictly adhered to so that assessments can be ordered, proctored, and scored in a timely manner.  The TTUK-12 (Texas Tech University) Credit by Exams are used and all reviews for exams can be found at:

View the Credit By Exam Testing Windows here.

Kindergarten - Grade 5

Acceleration testing is available based on the timeline below.  Students in K-5 will be required to score an 80 or better on each subject area test: Math, Science, ELAR, and Social Studies.  

Grade 6 – Grade 8

Students who would like to accelerate a grade level must complete the math, science, English language arts/reading, and social studies assessments.  These assessments are split into a 1st semester exam and 2nd semester exam.  The average score  of the two exams must be an 80 or above in each subject area to accelerate. 

Example: Students who would like to accelerate in math must complete the corresponding assessments for the grade levels that the student does not have prior instruction. A 6th grade student who would like to take Algebra I in 7th grade must show proficiency in 7th and 8th grade math by completing first and second semester exams for each grade level.  The average score of the semester exams must be an 80 or above on each grade level test to accelerate. 

Timeline for Grade K-8 Acceleration Testing Deadlines
Parent requests acceleration testing in writing to the Director of Advanced Academics  The Advanced Academics Director will contact the Director of Assessment, Director of Elementary or Secondary Curriculum, Principal and Counselor. May 31, 2024
An Acceleration Committee will gather information from teacher, principal, and parent to determine if acceleration testing is appropriate.  June 3 - June 7, 2024
Parents will be notified of acceleration testing date and time by the Director of Advanced Academics.  Reviews can be downloaded at 
No later than June 14, 2024
Acceleration testing:
  • All testing will be completed at a designated SAISD campus with a proctor
  • Materials and/or devices for testing will be provided.
  • Student must score an average  of 80% or better on the assessment to qualify for acceleration 
All testing will be completed July 8 -July 19, 2024

Online scores will be available


Paper based scores will be available

3-5 business days after testing

2-3 weeks after testing

The Acceleration Committee will determine qualification of acceleration and notify the parent and Campus Principal. Prior to the 1st day of school


Grades 9-12

Credit by Exam testing is available to high school students who wish to earn credit or recover credit throughout the school year.   

  • Students must score a 70% or better if they had prior instruction
  • Students must score a 80% or better if they did not have prior instruction

For more information please contact your child’s counselor.

Timeline for 9-12 Credit By Exam (for acceleration or credit recovery) Deadlines
Parents/Students must request and complete an application for acceleration testing through the campus counselor or principal.  Can be done at any time throughout the school year.

All high school CBE tests offered through TTUK-12 can be completed using a paper based test or an online test.

All testing will be completed on campus with a proctor.

Testing Windows for 2024-2025:

November 11-15
February 3-7
April 7-11

Summer by Appointment

Online scores will be available

Paper based scores will be available

3-5 business days after testing

2-3 weeks after testing

Counselors will transcript the score as a grade unless the score is lower than the grade received previous to CBE Testing Prior to the end of each quarter.